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Posts posted by Charles

  1. Yes but what if the spam service gave an account a score of 4. That person would never be able to register - ever.

    This way they could contact you and you could click to unban their account.

    Of course we could always add an option: "Give spammer rude message and do not create account record"

  2. Ordering of tabs is something we can look into for a future version but it doesn't have anything to do with your original post about where to store the files in the file system. That's what I was talking about :)

  3. It is as it should be because Core, Forums, and Members are not addon applications they are THE application :)

    The combination of the IPB Core, Forums, and Members makes up IPB itself. It's illogical to move them to the addon applications as you cannot addon to nothing and without them there is nothing.

  4. We specifically do NOT use cookies in the AdminCP so nothing about your session is stored on your computer.

    Unless you actually edit init.php and disable IP checking in the AdminCP sending the URL to an ACP sessions is safe. Also, keep in mind, ACP sessions auto expire after a certain amount of inactivity.

  5. We have tried that before and, would you believe, everyone tagged their tickets as high priority? :)

    Things are much faster now than they were even a week or two ago. We put in some internal changes that have streamlined tickets quite a bit.

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