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  1. I'd like to thank everyone for their encouraging messages, emails, PMs, DMs, posts, etc, it means a lot to me :)

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      All the best for the future :)

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      all the best

  2. Josh you are my favorite support tech @ IPS always getting the job done proper.Thank You!

  3. How Josh how are you buddy?

  4. We have a big update coming soon and we wanted to tell you about all the new features you can expect. In a previous blog post we talked about the new Directory feature, which will help people using the app discover your communities. We also talked about some interface improvements, such as the new forum quick list, which gives you fast access to common areas of your forum. We have one last big feature to tell you about in this new version and that's Push Notifications! Push Notifications Push notifications have been integrated into the existing notification system, so any event that can generate a notification can also generate a push notification. You can have notifications sent to your phone for subscribed forums and topics, new personal conversations, reported posts, and much more. You will find a new settings group in your ACP "iPhone App", from here you can enable or disable support for push notifications. You can also restrict which group has access to push notifications, making it possible to use the subscription service to sell this feature to your users. Once you have enabled notifications for your forum, your users will see a new 'mobile' column in their notification settings: These same settings can also be updated directly from the iPhone App: The Quick List feature that we showed in the previous blog post has been expanded to show your unread notifications. When you receive a notification on your phone, the Quick List for the forum that sent it will be automatically opened so that you can see the notifications: Tapping the notification will take you directly to that area of the forum. This feature will be available to everyone with a active support license, hosting account, or service addon package. If you would like to find out if your license qualifies, please visit the license key section of your ACP and refresh the license data, look for this message: iPad Support (beta) This version also includes preliminary support for the iPad, the application will now properly resize to use the entire screen. We'll be further enhancing this functionality in the future by providing a more customized interface and using the regular skin instead of the mobile skin. We will be submitting this new version to Apple very soon, so you won't have long to wait for all of these new features. Note that they do require IP.Board 3.1.1 to work. We hope you're excited for this update and we look forward to your comments, suggestions, and feedback! (Yes, there is an Android app coming in the future still!) We will post a full announcement when the iPhone app update is approved by Apple and available to download.
  5. Another screenshot of notifications in the next app update http://twitpic.com/1vvnm4 #ipb

  6. A week ago we launched the first version of our IP.Board Communities iPhone App and the response has been great so far with thousands of downloads! It's been really exciting for us to see the great feedback and start incorporating it into the newer versions of the app. We have a new version of the app awaiting approval that addresses many of the issues from the first release, we expect that it will be live on the app store within the next 48 hours. In addition to bug fixes, this version includes a few interface tweaks that improve the user experience. In addition to the version that is awaiting approval, we have an even newer version that we will be submitting to the app store soon. Apple's approval can take up to a week so expect it to be available for download around June 8. Here's a quick preview of what you can expect from this upcoming version: New Feature: Directory The directory feature takes the link directory from our site and incorporates it into the app, allowing users of the app to easily discover new communities. We think this will be a great way to drive traffic to your sites, so make sure that you have added your site to the directory! Clicking the "Add to My Communities" button will take you straight to the add forum page, with the title and url fields pre filled out for you. If you do not already have a username and password, you can leave those fields blank and you will be redirected to the register page the first time you visit the community. This is a great way to drive traffic to your community and for new members to join using their mobile device! Quick List This feature will allow you to quickly jump to several sections of a forum, instead of starting at the home page. You can access the quick list menu by tapping the blue arrow on the main forum listing: After tapping that button, you will see this screen: We have a lot of future plans for this area, such as including stats from the community. Settings The settings area is where you can edit forum details, such as your login and password. In the future there will be a wider variety of settings included for each forum. Future Versions All of those features will be included in the next version we submit to the app store, but we have a lot more planned for later versions. We will be adding push support in the near future, so that any notifications that IP.Board generates will have the option of being sent to your phone. We also have numerous enhancements to the interface and user experience planned. We hope you're excited about these new features, we can't wait for you to try them out! As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions, so let us know what you think! And, yes, we are still planning an Android platform app.
  7. I've made some changes to the forum edit screen, here's a screenshot: It has some usability improvements, clicking the labels will now bring up the keyboard, also pressing return on the final field will submit the form instead of returning to the first field. The blue highlighting doesn't show up anymore either. We can't use the slimmer gray arrow, that isn't a button that can detect a click, it's just used to indicate that clicking the cell will load something. The bulky blue arrow is an actual button, clicking it loads the edit form instead of the forum. As for the forum list, we'll likely make some changes to that later on.
  8. That feature is actually in the code, it's just disabled for the moment because there's a few issues that need to be worked out with it.
  9. Built in forum directory is coming soon, as mentioned in the announcement. We'll be pulling it from the Directory here, so if you want your forum in the app, make sure you add it :)
  10. Good idea, I've added this to the app :)
  11. There are a few issues with the gallery section in the version on the app store, we've already submitted an update for them :)
  12. We simply don't have any information to give you at this point, we're wrapping up 3.1, when that's done we'll be able to comment more on potential future features. We just wanted you to know that your feedback was heard and will be considered when we get into the next version of IPB. I agree, more image handling options would be nice, and will think about it for a future version.
  13. I doubt that this will be included in the core product, this is the kind of feature that we usually leave to mod developers :)
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