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IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Ad Code Integration

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Advertising integration has been an often requested feature for a long time, so we're pleased to announce that IP.Board 3.1 will include this feature! We've create a simple system that will allow you to insert ad code at various locations throughout the forum. The integration is not specific to any ad platform, so you can use this for Google AdSense, or any other platform that you may use for your site. We did not want to choose any specific advertising platform to keep the system flexible plus IPS would never get between you and your advertising revenue.

There are several predefined ad spots, all you need to do is paste the code for your ads into any of these locations.

Header and Footer Ads

The first two locations you can place ads are in the global header and footer, these ads will show on every page in the forum, except for redirect screens.


As you can see in the screen shot, this system uses a simple settings page for adding ad code, you can paste anything you want into these boxes. In addition, there are several areas that can override the global header and footer code with page specific header and footer code. The Board Index, Forum View, and Topic View are able to use this override feature, so that you can either not show ads on one of those areas, or show different ads.

Aside from the headers and footers, there are three other locations that you can place ads:

Board Index Side Bar

A simple hook will allow you to place ads in the sidebar of the forum index, you can use the existing hook ordering system to determine where on the sidebar the ad will be displayed.

Forum View & Topic View

You can also specify ad code that will be displayed inline with topics in forum view and posts in topic view, these ads will be displayed after the first topic or post. Here's a screenshot of each:



As you can see, this is a basic and easy to use system for placing ads in IP.Board. We have ideas for future enhancements to this system and will be improving things as we go but, even with this basic implemenation, you can now easily disperse advertisements throughout your community.

We hope that you find this helpful, and as always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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