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  1. The only tickets in support that old are ones that are for advanced support which always takes a bit longer. You should have been warned about that when the ticket was escalated. If you weren't please PM your ticket ID to me.

  2. All confusing analogies aside:

    Improving performance is an ongoing process which we continue to work on. Don't forget that we host thousands of IPBs so performance is extremely important to us as well :)

    Version 3.0.2 is faster than 3.0.1 which was faster than 3.0.0. We will continue to improve performance as we release each version, get feedback, do more research and testing, release new version, repeat. We have already received great feedback from users saying that 3.0.2/3.0.1 was a huge improvement from 3.0.0.

  3. It's been an ongoing process... 3.0.1 was better than 3.0.0 and 3.0.2 better than 3.0.1. We keep improving things as we go.

    However, like I said, there is clearly something wrong with your setup as it should not be as slow as you're reporting.

  4. I believe the devs are pointing out that it should not be as slow as you are pointing out and that PHP5 reports memory differently so 16MB is not enough. PHP5 itself ships with a default memory limit of 128MB so you are actually way below what the PHP group itself suggests. You can always submit a ticket and have them take a look to see if there is anything odd going on because it should not be as slow as you are saying.

  5. We are continuing to work toward full multi-lingual support in IPB3 and it gets better with each release. It's a simple fact that all of our staff only speaks English so we have only minimal ways of testing language issues. Therefore we rely on bug reports from those using other languages so we can address issues. It is an ongoing process and requires some patience.

    Vesperala: As we have said, this is something we are looking into so app tabs can be multi-lingual along with the language packs. In the mean time we have no solution for you and posting about it over and over on the forums and in tickets will not make us magically come up with a solution :). I do not think the tabs being in English for a short time longer will cause your forum to explode into flames. Besides, we are talking about a couple lines of text out of the thousands in IPB. Yes, it was an oversight on our part, but not something we did to purposely make your life hard and it's something we will address.

    My short-term suggestion would be to translate the tabs as "Forum / Foro" (example in Spanish) until a true multi-lingual fix is made. That way your visitors can still see the tabs in their own language and navigate your community.

    There is a confirmed bug report about this open which I am sure we will look into in due time for the next release.

  6. Yes but what if the spam service gave an account a score of 4. That person would never be able to register - ever.

    This way they could contact you and you could click to unban their account.

    Of course we could always add an option: "Give spammer rude message and do not create account record"

  7. Ordering of tabs is something we can look into for a future version but it doesn't have anything to do with your original post about where to store the files in the file system. That's what I was talking about :)

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