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Posts posted by Charles

  1. That has been our policy for many years now. When your support, services, and upgrades access expires you lose all access to what we provide. We do not track the version number that was available at the moment your access expired.

    Keep in mind we flexible on renewals as well. You can choose to let a license expire and renew it at a later date if you so choose.

  2. As with any business, we have a natural drive to want to increase our customer base. We have an offer you can read about in our announcements forum.

    We must also balance that natural drive for more customers with our commitment to our existing customers. They expect constant development and good support which we will continue to provide. In fact, due to the dozens of conversions each day over the past week we are adding two new customer service staff to keep up both with new demand and our existing customer needs. While we are never perfect, no one is, any IPS customer will tell you that we always do our best to serve their needs.

    IPS obviously wants to stay ahead of the game and maintain its market advantage in all areas. We cannot under-sell our own products and devalue their quality. Keep in mind we not only offer a product but a large bundle of services around it including private-ticket support, telephone support, our spam monitoring service, and the new live-chat product - all included with the license at no extra cost. It's more than just a simple message board we are selling here :)

  3. Our pre-sales forum is full of converts and our sales email box is quite full so we are very much aware of the unhappiness of existing clients of vB.

    We currently have a package deal for our entire product line. You can read about it here:

    We will certainly look into other options early this week :)

  4. We are investigating the possibility of offering a chat service for IPB directly from IPS.

    This chat service would run inside of your IPB install much like Gallery or Blog however the actual exchange of chat messages would be handled by IPS servers. The high volume of transactions needed for a chat room would probably get you banned from most web hosting providers and, even if you have high-end hosting, it requires a specially tuned server to perform well. You can forget that headache and let us handle the transactions. Chat room statistics and access to log archives will of course be available for owners.


    For the time being, we will only have the chat room open here on our company forums when an IPS staff member opens it. We are looking to test both the interface you use for chatting and the back-end server performance so we need online staff to monitor both sides of the exchange. So keep an eye for the chat link to appear in the top navigation or a "who's chatting" area to show up on the home page under statistics. When you see this then you know the room is available for testing :)

    Please post bugs in the bug tracker under the IP.Chat category. You can post feedback here in the feedback forum or just reply to this topic. Please keep in mind this would be a version 1.0.0 so, although we can add all sorts of cool stuff over time, we are focusing on a nice, stable chat room right now. Things like private conversations, multiple rooms, and more are on our list but we must perfect the base chat room before adding on all the extras.

    Please note that this is the first test of many users in the chat room so there will probably be issues. We will also be doing server-level testing so you might get kicked out now and again or the service may abruptly close so don't take it personally ;). Your feedback on all areas of the chat from features through usability down to speed of chat responses is appreciated.


    The pricing of the chat service is yet to be announced and will be based on how many people you have in your chat room at one time. Details of the package levels and pricing will be made available at a later date. The good news is that the first chat package level will be free for active IPB license holders. We hope you enjoy that extra benefit to being a license holder.

  5. With canned replies, I mean standard reply texts, that you can insert into posts, PM, etc.

    Regarding wiki; I currently use a native wiki system: i.e. wiki articles in posts. Its an important part of my site.

    You can sort of do canned replied with multi-moderation.

    If your Community Suite goes on sale, I'll probably jump off the vb ship. ;)

    Check announcements forum :)
  6. I think it's because the little sidebar is a hook Matt made as a demo one day that people liked so much we included it :) Not to say we can't do that as some point of course...

  7. http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com has like 10 million posts (or something like that) and is owned by NBC

    http://life.atlantafalcons.com/index Atlanta Falcons has 2 million

    For big boards specifically for search we suggest Sphinx wherever possible. It's supported as standard in IPB3.

    For templating you could always get one of our demos and have a click around :)

  8. is there anything in your terms and conditions that guarantees that the 6 monthly support renewal will be offered for lifetime licenses?

    Of course who knows in the distant future but it would be very hard for us to change the way we structure our renewals. The 6 month renewal allows us to not only offer support and upgrades but also addon services like spam monitor (and some future ones we're planning) at no extra cost.
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