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  1. Will the frontpage option be "easier" for non programmers to customize ? :rolleyes:
  2. Happy Holidays to the Fabulous IPB people :)

  3. Merry Christmas to the fabulous IPB people :)

  4. Mark ... we need a member based marketplace feature asap. Thanks. :)
  5. Any plans to go eventually go into cam chats ? :rolleyes:
  6. Looking to hire for IP.Content work - Anybody available ?

    1. Claudia999


      I'm interested in an IP.Content worker too

    2. .Peter
  7. Yes and No ... "Like" makes using technology more human and EMOTIONAL and better for inciting conversation. and isn't a forum supposed to fire up conversations ?
  8. You know IPB HAS to put a "like" button when Larry King on CNN asks his users to "Like" him on Facebook. :whistle:
  9. [quote name='Mark' date='16 October 2010 - 04:01 AM'] Well the easiest way is to submit a ticket saying "Hey, I want an upgrade" :) well actually the easiest way for updates and upgrades is with zero intervention by the customers ... Select upgrade/updates at x hour every Tuesday in the ACP and leave IPB to do its magic while you sleep. :rolleyes:
  10. I agree with all of the above ... I would also add that IPB is more forward looking that vB with addons like IP.Nexus. :)
  11. Thanks Ryan ... I am sure all these things are a tweak here and a tweak there ... my point is that these things are now " best practices " and should be default ... besides 500,000,000+ Facebook members are used to the red alert ... somebody is doing something right. :)
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