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Posts posted by Charles

  1. 52 minutes ago, Heavy Harmonies said:

    I'm getting complaints from many of my board users about this. Some of them are encountering this CAPTCHA spam with EVERY single attempt to post.

    Not good, guys.... not good.

    We made a change a few hours ago to reduce the challenges. Are you still seeing people being prompted?

  2. 22 hours ago, virap1 said:

    Thank you @Randy Calvert. Yes, and they are doing a great job. My suggestion was to do a better planning based on their abilities and vision and better communicate those plans and roadmaps. Right now I am paying a solution (pages app) that has terrible presentation solution so I like many were relying on third party plugins to overcome that. My understanding is there is not going to be any plugins in v5, so where does that leave me and others who use the pages app? That is where a road map and communication would help to plan for the future.

    Invision Community 5 is still several months away from a release. We will keep posting blog entries about its development over the coming weeks. Those entries will keep you informed.

  3. 7 hours ago, PanSevence said:

    Unfortunately, it's a pity that you're not improving interactions. By this, I mean dynamically adding content in real-time, for instance, when a post is published, so that a user who is currently in the thread can immediately see the added post without refreshing, and such interactions in the inbox as well.

    Actually it's not a pity seeing as we have that already and are making it better.

  4. AI and LLM and all that could be another good metric but community-based metrics are useful too. For example, someone may post a long-winded rant and I might reply "ok."

    AI and such would see that as a useless reply. But, in context, a human would see it's a funny, sarcastic reply and it might get lots of likes or other engagement. So you need both AI and actual I working together to create useful data.

  5. It is a common misconception that we are doing "cloud-exclusive features." Invision Community sells its services in various package levels like you will find in literally any other software or service you buy out there. We offer the following packages:

    • Classic (self-hosted)
    • Beginner
    • Creator
    • Creator Pro
    • Team
    • Business
    • Enterprise

    All of those packages offer different levels of features, support, service, and consulting. For example, our Courses feature is available on:

    • Creator Pro
    • Team
    • Business
    • Enterprise

    As you can see, Courses is not a "cloud-exclusive feature" but it is exclusive to specific package levels. Another example might be AI based image moderation which is only available on Business and Enterprise packages.

    So we are not drawing a line specifically between Classic (self-hosted) and other packages (cloud). There are many differentiators between all the package tiers which is a totally normal way that software and services are sold.

    From media streaming to your mobile phone plan right down to your internet service, offering different package for people to choose from offers flexibility of choice in terms of both price and options.

  6. 40 minutes ago, The Old Man said:

    It's just the principle of having to backpay potentially up to 2 years to re-enable such a license that is somewhat unnerving

    That’s not how it works. 

    The catch ups only apply on the monthly option as it’s basically a finance for the yearly. With yearly there is no catch up. You can let a yearly renewal expire for say 6 months and then reactivate it later for the normal yearly.

    The monthly option was put in place to make it more approachable but we’re considering removing it because of all this catch up hand wringing that people come with it. 

  7. Courses is available on our Creator Pro, Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

    Courses is not available on Beginner, Creator, or Classic plans. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your plan to include Courses.

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