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Posts posted by Charles

  1. I know many of you are very curious how our cloud services work and how we manage things when we service thousands of Invision Community-powered sites on our platform.

    I am writing this quick post because I just got an alert from our monitoring systems and signed on to see what was happening.

    We use AWS WAF with both managed rules and our own, custom rule sets. With those both combined, we are able to filter a lot of malicious traffic. Sometimes people do attempt a direct attack on one of the communities we host. That is what is going on today.

    As I am typing this, our WAF setup is blocking 10 million requests per minute on our network. Yet, even with that huge amount of inbound traffic, our actual operations are not impacted at all. This is one of the advantages of a robust network backing your community.

    Could contain: Chart, Plot

    I just thought I would share because 1. our monitoring summoned our team to look at "abnormal traffic" and 2. I thought you might find this interesting.


  2. 9 hours ago, Wolfie said:

    InnoDB isn't a requirement for the IPS Suite though, much less it being the default engine.  It's a simple thing to add with a great benefit, so I'm hoping the devs will at least consider it.

    We are not adding support for MyISAM when MySQL itself defaults to InnoDB. You should either switch to our cloud services or get a competent host. It is so written.

  3. On 5/12/2023 at 12:33 PM, Vakarian96 said:

    what about when someone posts a YouTube or Twitter link in a post. Is the content then only loaded after confirmation (opt-in)?

    In that case you would want to put those services in your third-party list if you are concerned.

    We are looking into opt-in third party loading in a future improvement to privacy controls though. It's an ongoing project 😀

  4. 59 minutes ago, Dreadknux said:

    A great step forward for community managers looking to be more compliant, thanks for this. A quick question; if a user requests account deletion through these new features, can an administrator approve to delete all user PII but anonymise their content so that can be kept on the community? Or does a deletion approved in this way remove absolutely all content as well as PII?

    Yes, you can choose to anonymize content. In fact, that is what I recommend to clients 🙂 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Dll said:

    Honestly, at some point the negativity around cloud vs self-hosted is going to damage the Invision brand. It's already making this community a painful place to visit.

    I don't know the numbers behind it all, but if I were involved in the business, an early cull of the self hosted platform would be a consideration because of the incessant negative sentiment dragging down every positive feature update, blog post, announcement etc in recent times.

    I mean, can this really carry on for the next 2+ years?


    Totally feel where you are coming from but it's only a handful of people panicking over nothing. The vast majority of people pay attention to their own communities, not what is going on here 🙂

    We expect it will calm down when people see that Classic is not going away. Also, as people understand cloud and Classic are different product lines it will be clearer. The next several months of additions will be available on both cloud and Classic lines too.

  6. All support starts on the community. If we cannot help you in public, we will move your post to a support ticket. We do it all the time 🙂

    We do not provide server-level support either way though. Anything server-related is on you to sort.

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