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  1. 55 minutes ago, Brian Garcia said:

    Great! There are some hosts that provide automatic conversion service to .webp, it's server side. Some CDNs, too like Cloudflare can do this. Would love to see that as an added perk for a cloud user.

    Would love to see .SVG support for the site logo next.

    We can certainly do that but have always been wary of altering user generated uploads without a reason.

  2. 43 minutes ago, Como said:


    What I am trying to clarify is does Invision use an EU service centre for EU hosted communities? Or, does Invision service the EU-hosted communities from abroad (the US, presumably)? My inquiry relates to GDPR compliance.


    If you choose our EU option, all of your data is in the AWS Paris region.

    It is possible one of our employees outside the EU can access the data if you submit a support ticket or something like that. But then that is no different than if you were traveling outside the EU and logged into your own AdminCP.

    Even in that scenario, the data is still housed in the EU. Someone viewing your site from anywhere in the world (that's literally what the Internet is for 😀) has nothing to do with GDPR.

  3. Just now, AtariAge said:

    That wasn't my point, my point is that if someone was aware of this as soon as Invision's site was down (especially given the nature of it where it took down their entire cloud service), they could have started investigating immediately.  Since Invision is using a third-party monitoring service, I assume it's possible to send notifications via several different means (SMS, emails, etc.) when an event like this occurs.  And if the service they are using now doesn't support that type of functionality, there are plenty of alternatives that do. 

    Yes, we do just that. You can subscribe to the status page and get email updates.

  4. Unfortunately we experienced an issue with AWS this morning that even AWS is not sure what is wrong at this point. It was not really down as long as that reports there as we put up a message and did not remove it until we were sure everything was good.

    Any systems can have downtime events, even something like ours with redundancy built in. It is regrettable especially when we do everything right to avoid it but something outside our control breaks. Especially when no one, not even your provider, can tell you what went wrong.

    This is really the first major downtime event in years but of course that does not matter in the moment. Frustrating all around 🙂

  5. 1 hour ago, The Old Man said:

    Thanks for the reply and the invitation Charles. I know it's good for many but I prefer and need to stay with IPS Legacy for now! 😍

    Totally understand many do. It's why we will continue to offer the Classic edition in v5 🙂 

    Always open to hear from people on what is holding them back though even if we cannot change your mind it's good to chat and learn. Always open for PMs 🙂 

  6. We may bring Courses to Classic in the future. For the moment, Courses is a value addition to those on our cloud platform.

    The statistics improvements are mostly available for both cloud and classic editions other than a few extras that are cloud only.

    Feel free to PM me or we can do a Zoom call to discuss options about switching to cloud to take advantage of new technologies. 

  7. We are focusing on things that will impact the widest varieties of communities. I know it can be confusing when something you use is not available and something you do not use is made available. We simply have to look at the widest impact we can make with our resources and client needs 😀

  8. 21 hours ago, LastPlay said:

    It's true!
    But I wrote before - that reloading the page - "kills the CTR of banners".
    *I'm surprised at your answer. It sounds like "well, it works - what more do you want".
    I was testing Invision 4.7.2 before buying it and the gallery too... *4.7.2 gallery worked great!!!
    I bought version 4.7.4 and still don't turn the gallery on for visitors... 4+ months... cool... threw away $100...

    Why was it necessary to redo it ?!!! (((((((((((((

    To remove it from my plan - just delete it in the admin center of the site?

    Actually I said I agreed with you 🙂 

    I was just wanting to clarify if you literally could not use it or if you just did not like it.

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