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Posts posted by Charles

  1. I personally think it is quite simple. We promised Perpetual and Lifetime license holders access to IPB downloads and technical support.

    This is a new service that did not even exist back then and is part of our new services plan that is included in the 6-month renewal fees. We have plenty more services planned in the future that will be the same sort of thing. They are new services - not technical support.

    We are keeping our promise to Perpetual and Lifetime license holders plus keeping our promise to the new license holders that their license will include more services. We have to do what we said we would do.

    We are even being as nice as we can with the way we are offering those license holders to switch to the Standard license. Lifetime people don't have to pay for 6 months and Perpetual people don't have to pay until their support would have normally expired. Of course, in the end, you don't have to switch too :)

  2. Cool I hope you will host this project on fast enough server from start :)

    And one question what happens if server is not reachable, will be users still be able to register?

    I used so far SpamBot search tool and only one or two spammers get in per month. And because I care about performance I hosted that tool myself. :)


    If you check out the announcement and see the screen shot you will note we have a time out setting for just that purpose.
  3. Because the new Standard license and its renewals every 6 months are setup for not only support but also enhanced services you would need to switch to the new license type if you wanted to use this service. This will also apply to future hosted services that enhance IPB and our other products.

  4. Yeah, will be very interesting to see how this plays out. :D This has great potential as long as many forum admins turn it on. I assume it will be off by default?


    Yes, to enable it you have to go in client area and get a special key. I really think lots of people will use it since it's included for free with the license service and, really, why not use it :)

  5. This is great news. I hope it becomes reliable enough that I will be able to disable Admin Validation down the road. That's the only sure-fire method I've found so far of keeping spammers off my board.

    Looking forward to 3.0.2, which is likely the version I will use to upgrade my 2.3.6 forum. :)


    You can always enable it for now and leave it to normal approval and monitor the logs. We have been doing that here. We have it on but not "doing" anything just logging what it would have done so to speak.

  6. Since in the announcement nothing is mentioned about that I'll it here: is there any way for us forum admins with an active license to ask for the removal of an address/IP from the spam list if a certain data is marked wrongly as spam?

    I'm sure there is a way (maybe opening a ticket) but a fast way to report such things is needed when a lot of people will use this system after the release :)

    A good idea indeed :thumbsup:

    Yes we will have support for things like that as it gets going :)

    Will probably require that requests for removal are only from active customers who have been a customer for greater than X days. That way you don't get spammers stealing a credit card, buying an IPB, and requesting removal.

  7. I don't like that. Yes I'm a little biased since I have a Lifetime license, but I think that the Lifetime license shouldn't be excluded because the terms of it are the same as a standard license except that it's "forever" instead of limited to 6 month windows.

    With Perpetual, the license holder should be allowed to get it when they are in +Active status (ie, paid $30/year).

    I know that IPS wants to convert those into standard licenses, but I think that's a bit shameful to try to reword or reclassify things just to do it.

    Services like this did not exist several years ago when those old licenses were available. That is why we switched to the Standard license type so we could offer more than just "technical support" like we did before.

    We are not taking anything away from Perpetual or Lifetime license holders and are keeping our promises to them as they were made at purchase time.

    Is there a possible view to integrate this with Converge in the future? I could see that also being a good idea

    Yes we can certainly look into doing that too :)
  8. Perhaps you could instead reply to the ticket with more information :)

    You are asking us why the right click "save as" menu is not appearing in your Firefox. We have no idea really. It's not like IPB has a do not allow right click "save as" menu feature.

    It is the equivalent of us saying "we cannot reproduce" so all we can offer is that you reply back with more information so we can find out if there is something wrong. Right now your ticket is in "Awaiting customer response" so if you provide more information our staff would be happy to research it again.

  9. It also depends on what the issue is of course :)

    If it's an off-the-wall thing like I speak Russian and export the language then reimport it and edit in ACP but then I try quick edit and get a strange JavaScript error.... well that requires some research ;)

    There's also time-zone issues. Often a ticket will be submitted like 3:00 am our time and then we get complaints it's taking "a long time" to answer when really our staff is still asleep dreaming of PHP code dancing in their head.

  10. I looked at your account and your latest ticket had a reply less than 30 minutes after you posted it. If there was another ticket you're having a problem is feel free to PM me the ticket number.

  11. IPB3 was in beta testing for months and we have already released version 3.0.1 maintenance release. It certainly was not hasty :)

    IPB3 support multiple languages and we continue to work with native speakers of those languages to address issues as they are reported. It's hard to get language support right in the first release as we do not have any native speakers of other languages on staff. However, we are working on a method to officially support other languages so you can download IPB3 pre-translated.

  12. Wow. Well with that we will lock this.

    I consider the fact that we are trying to comprehend what your issue is good customer service. I still don't know what it is to be honest and I think I am more confused now than ever.

    The ticket you keep referring to that you believe took too long was escalated to the development department. That is our highest level of service we can provide. I do apologize that if you are experiencing an abnormal issue that it may take a while to research but we could hire dozens of support techs and it would not speed up an issue that needs to be researched by a developer at the code-level. There is truly nothing we can do about that.

    As you yourself said: we have no open tickets for you. Just those that you are choosing to ignore the "waiting for customer response" status. If you cannot help us help you then I guess this topic has ran its course. When you would like us to work on any issues you may be having just open a ticket or reply to the one waiting for a reply from you. Until then... well... as far as we know you don't need anything from us.

  13. But he is a techie correct? And how about Jason?

    Jason is a support tech.

    Bfarber is on the development team. Your ticket was escalated to the development department since the support department was having trouble finding your underlying problem. It is how we address tickets that are outside the "norm" ... they can take longer to resolve but, once escalated to a developer, they will personally be researched (even if they need to look at the code level) to sort out what's wrong.
  14. Sometimes sarcasm is the best I can come up with when I don't know what else to say to an illogical argument :)

    I mean you started this topic claiming you had open tickets we were not addressing which evolved into you had no open tickets just those you were choosing to ignore our staff waiting for response from you. At that point I was at a loss for a dry response.

    Now, obviously, this topic is approaching the point it has to be locked. We have devolved into personal attacks and that just cannot happen. So I offer my disclaimer now and acknowledge that I am sure the locked status will be used as an "I told you so!" but, alas, that is the way it goes.

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