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Posts posted by Charles

  1. Yes, as I said, you have no open tickets. You have two awaiting customer response that you choose not to reply to. So... not sure what we can do about that :lol: I mean you said you wouldn't reply to a ticket waiting customer response so ... I mean... well I don't know what to say to that.

    The issues you raised in the ticket you submitted boiled down to you don't like how I (as in me personally) reply to things on the forums. Maybe you think I have been rude or something but I never mean to come off that way. Again, not sure what to do or say to make you happy with me or like me. It's just... again I don't know what to say to that.

    Yes, of course we acknowledge issues. That's the whole point to a feedback forum. Clients post issues, we say "yes you're right that's an issue we will address it" ... otherwise we would be perfect and nothing is perfect.

    As for "staff should be responding to tickets" you will note that support staff does not often post on the forums. They focus on tickets. In fact, several of our support staff are not even in the "IPS Staff" group on these forums so they do not get PMs which are often distracting to tickets.

  2. (split bobage's posts from other topic he hijacked)

    You brought the ticket up. I exercised judgement in pointing out that you were leaving out the fact that our staff provided multiple replies spanning pages of ticket responses. I did not want people getting the wrong idea or anything :)

    IPS staff has always said that customers can certainly bring emergency tickets to our attention. Emergency as in a board offline or unusable. You did nothing wrong there in bringing your critical issue to our attention.

    It is an extremely rare event we delete posts. This topic in point.

    I looked at your account just now: I see not a single open ticket. All are resolved or closed. If I am missing one feel free to send in the ticket number.

    My point in all this is that you just seem generally angry and I cannot find a specific thing to point to other than you just don't like our personality or way we generally do things. I am afraid there is nothing I can say or do to change your opinion there since these are intangible things there is no "fix" for.

    Finally, to say we ignore clients or anything is just ridiculous. All we do is take in customer feedback. In fact, 3.0.1 is completely a case of fixing customer-reported issues and making changes based on feedback.

    We are happy to converse with about specific issues. But please, stop looking for feedback topics posted by other clients to express your anger.

  3. bobage:

    I know you personally dislike me for some reason and I know you have a chip on your shoulder about us but other than complaining about me personally I see not a single complaint in your ticket history. The ticket you are referring to about your board issue is 7 pages long in our ticket system. At no time did our staff neglect your issue it just took a lot of research to find the underlying problem.

    Please do not offer misleading rants and statements just because, for some reason, you're personally angry about something as intangible as personality clashes. If you want to rant you should not wander our forum waiting for someone to dare to say something nice about us and jump in as you have been doing lately. Further, and something that cannot be tolerated any further, is attacking and baiting fellow customers. That is simply unacceptable. We are not in the business of censoring people with negative-views on us (how else do we know how to improve?) but you have gone into blind, unfocused rant territory which only serves to distract and disrupt. When your fellow customers complain to us about your behavior it is something we have to take seriously.

    We cannot address "I don't like them!" we can only address specifics. If you have a specific thing we can fix, related to your specific experience, open a support ticket, send a PM, an email, anything to point out that issue. As of this moment, you have not a single open support ticket in our system.

  4. Thank you for your comments and for understanding that our response times are a bit slower than normal right now. Our staff is working amazingly hard to catch up and are making progress. Everyone here is looking forward to getting back to our normal response times :)

    Of course there are times, especially with the volume of requests we get, a ticket will fall through the proverbial cracks but our staff works to keep that from happening. When it does happen a quick phone call or PM can set things back on track. No one should ever feel neglected and if you ever do feel free to contact me or someone else in management. We are happy to help and want to hear from you if we can do better. Don't worry though, we don't follow a "squeaky wheel" philosophy here - we will only escalate a request if it warrants more attention to keep the ticket wait process fair for all.

  5. Oh, I see.

    There wouldn't be anything like that in the client area since it doesn't go back and update the invoice date. It does update the package date though.

    We can see it on our side if you ever need a receipt or anything.

  6. I'm not sure what you're asking... since you didn't pay it the date on the invoice was when it was created. You can pay it now and it will push the renewal of your board to January 2010 as it should.

  7. It's been that way since as long as I can remember in IPB. We didn't remove or change anything for IPB3. Check an IPB2 install to see.

    And really, is this worth a topic over? If you feel the need just edit and put in Israel as a description next to the time zone.

  8. We currently have no tickets in billing, sales, or account assistance so if you are still having this problem please submit a ticket. Even though it's a holiday staff are answering tickets :)

  9. There are not alone only lots of little "annoying" bugs. Some things are not properly considered. See you this Discussion in the Bug Tracker:


    I can not make a Upgrade from IPB 2.3.6 of IPB 3.0 and must waiting to IPB 3.1 until the error is resolved. This ist not OK. They exclude me from further use of the IPB 3.0 out. You have made changes to the custom Profil Fields, without the user from IPB 2.3.6 to think.

    Both of the bugs you linked to are fixed...
  10. There are lots of little "annoying" bugs but we generally save patches for critical bugs. Things that cause your community to simply stop working, lose data, security, etc.

    I know it might be annoying to come across those bugs but we are really happy people are finding those type of things and not complete-implosion issues :) Being that this is a x.0.0 release we honestly expected even more "big" issues than we have. Credit certainly goes to everyone that helped us test IPB in the beta and RC stages.

    We think 3.0.1 will be out next week or early the week after. We didn't want to release it right before the July 4 holiday.

  11. I did a few hours ago, and I emailed you (I know, big nono) and then I read your all going on 4th of july vacation tomorrow. It made me sad. I the damn sale! Those 20 bucks are important to me so I can buy more random stuff!

    I replied to your topic in pre-sales. They will honor the discounted price since you were having trouble. Someone from sales will sort out your issue and reply tomorrow :)

    We don't actually close until Thursday.
  12. $80 a year just for support is a lot...

    We do $50 per year ($25 every 6 months) which includes support, updates, and some new tools/perks we're working on later this summer.

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