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  1. Uploaded a new version of Simplicity, did some minor fixes. Thanks to Broni
  2. File Name: IS Simplicity File Submitter: YounGMessiah File Submitted: 22 Dec 2011 File Updated: 30 Dec 2011 File Category: Light Skins Infinity Styles is proud to announce and offer it's first free product available in our Marketplace! We present you with Simplicity, which is a light based theme offering a cool, slick and simple vibe to your forums! For more direct support and requests visit our community @ http://www.infinitystyles.com Installation instructions. Click here to download this file
  3. lol nice about me

    1. AndyF


      :) , Thought it might amuse.

  4. I'm quite impressed on the direction that IPS has gone, that is why I am a customer again lol

  5. it means Hear my voice! I am MexiRican(slang for Mexican & Puerto Rican mix) and what?

  6. Is Driver Assembly date reliable to look off of? And Dan I honestly worry because I pay for a "brand new" laptop and expect new parts; not used, refurbished, or watever. I already had the issue of them adding a close to 10 year old drive before, so now I wanna make sure they put something newer.
  7. Well I will research how to remove my drive out and hopefully that works out. Any other alternatives just in case?
  8. This is what I have: HL-DL-ST DVDRAM GSA T50F ATA Driver Version: 6.1.7600.16385
  9. Is there anyway you can post up images of the whole system? I wanna see scrn shots of it before deciding to dl it.
  10. Thanks, but no luck and I moved on from that and figured that is something I worried about in the end result output.
  11. Oye Mi Canto! Soy MexiRican y que?

    1. Nuclear General

      Nuclear General

      What does that mean?!?! lol :)

  12. Can anyone tell me how a switch statement would look in a flowchart? I found this: http://www.gailer-net.de/tutorials/java/Notes/chap43/ch43_8.html But I remember it has some circle in it, so that is not exactly it. TIA :)
  13. Thanks Brandon for your help all the time lol, but it does not work I even tried changing the n value. I included the header stuff for it as well.
  14. Okay first off; I can understand why it does this, but I am seeing if there is a way around it. Well my question is I have a variable with an expression: const float _gradeA = 4.0; Then I have it where if the user inputs the A, it outputs the grade point to them. cout << "nYou have inputted an A which is equivalent to: " << _gradeA << ".nn"; It outputs without the .0 and I wanna know the work around if possible to include the .0. You have inputted an A which is equivalent to: 4.0. instead of You have inputted an A which is equivalent to: 4. TIA
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