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  1. This is a complaint I made about IPB before the release of IPB 4.5. It's really unacceptable in this day and age to have so much wasted space. Things really need to be pulled together tighter with more purpose served to those blank areas. So if there is no description then the white area for example shouldn't be there. I hate how the postbit also can make empty signatures into a ton of white space if there is a short response. Again, there's no reason for that to happen. Personally I would prefer a more uniform postbit. 4.5 is an improvement, but I think more attention really needs to
  2. Wrong. I've done it before changing the domain url. Running it on a different domain isn't a problem. You just get an error saying the license in use is not valid for that site, at worst usually that only admins see. You should be able to reset it, with some precautions, without having to pay anything extra. There simply is no tangible benefit to paying for a domain change. Period. It puts more money in IPBs pockets, and doesn't protect you from anything any more than if there was no fee. On top of that. if it really helps control piracy and running multiple copies on different domains, th
  3. It literally doesn't prevent anything. I can still have the one forum software using the one domain on several different domains if I wanted. The only thing it shows me is an error about the license. It doesn't cripple the forum or anything to any extent that makes it unusable. And for those smart enough, they could get rid of the error message too if they so wanted. It's not like there aren't pirated copies of it out there regardless. Or they could just leave the message about the license and not care. It's literally almost no different than if you let your license right out. And like I m
  4. I don't understand why there is a $15 domain name change fee and why you can only change it once every 6 months free. It doesn't cost IPB anything for me to change my domain name. To me this is the equivalent of an ATM fee when you withdraw money, except in this case from your own bank. For those worrying about fraud or anything else, as long as only one domain is tied to that license it shouldn't change anything. So yeah, this is one thing I don't understand, see it as nothing more than a money grab from IPB, and serves no real benefit to the consumer and serves no benefit to IPB other
  5. On a forum now powered by Xenforo less than a month later. lol
  6. Part of the reason for that is because forum software creators, as well as forum owners, were quick to dismiss the potential impact of social media citing some of the same things you have stated. Thus they were generally slow to respond or add social media features. Todays world is on the go. There doesn't seem to be as much downtime to sit at a PC and hash out long posts. That's why things like social media have taken off. It's because it's much more easily accessible. There are plenty of smart people that use social media over forums just for accessabilitys sake. Forum creators hav
  7. Again it's about the approach. Yahoo Groups was horrible. As was Google Plus. Never heard of MyPlace (unless you meant Myspace) or Google Wave or Buzz. A lot of it is interest. Many forum owners feel the weight of seemingly having to supply most of the content. Many members want that content but don't want to supply much of any themselves. And many don't want to pay to support it either. At some point people start asking if the time and effort is worth the lack of support and discussion. So while life sometimes gets in the way, the reality is forums for many aren't as appealing as the
  8. Part of it I think is the influence of social media. The other part is that maybe some were forums with rather niche content, or were already in a flooded market of similar forums. Also, it may have been hard to advertise the forums to gain much interest. I also think some were hobbyist or were looking to make money but couldn't find the right footing and interest. The thing is you can offer a ton of content, but if it's content also easily able to be found elsewhere especially on social media, you likely will be overlooked. That's why I feel it's important for forums to evolve beyond what
  9. Amazing how many forums shown in this thread are no longer active. Even from just a few years ago.
  10. This is a carryover from the invisionalpha thread I made on this matter. Check there first before commenting here as there was a bit more added there and I don't want to have to re-cover everything unless it's a copy and paste from there. IPB 4.5 is looking great! I'm stoked for it for sure. However even with all of the improvements I was surprised to see profiles are still as stagnant as ever. While I understand not everything could be covered in 4.5, not seeing some sort of profile update was a bit of a surprise. We've all see the threads and posts about social media and forums. That w
  11. Glad to see my suggestions have once again yielded some awesome looking fruit. 🙂 Looks much better in terms of spacing! Things don't need to be jammed together, but too much white space just looks horrible. I think this is a great step in the right direction. A bit more tweaking with the spacing on widgets and little things here and there and it's gold! Keep the awesome surprises coming!
  12. I joined way before 2010. I'm like a mythological creature in these parts. I'm here as fast as I disappear for awhile. lol. I'm generally known by the long time IPB staff. Not sure if it's entirely for good reasons or because I can make legendary long posts. I still remember the old 'Subway' jokes. lol IPB has come a long way. I look forward to its future!
    Great plug-in. Just wish there was more selective options for the video. Such as an overlay that would blur the video a bit so it's not so distracting. Or options to play video only in certain forums and areas. Watching a video background re-load on every page does get distracting. So I think there would be a bit more control over the video stuff. Other than that great plug-in!
  13. Looks much better! The movie one seems to work great now on all themes. The description is the only thing left on the music one as you can see from the images from 2 different themes. I'm not sure if that only happens on longer descriptions since the movie descriptions were short and didn't give that same effect. But as you can tell music one the description is filled in with color and it overpowers the text. * Update. Regardless of text amount its still doing this.
  14. Is there a way to darken the text or put the content in it's own box or themes that may be like mine? The text is light and the background is transparent on my theme so the movie description content isn't visible much of the time. I've attached an image. The product itself is working great though. Any ideas or recommendations? I have the same issue with the music version of this too. Also if the database doesn't have their image on file, the image comes across as broken when retrieved. Not sure about the music one yet, but the movie one for sure is doing this.
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