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  1. We removed Tapatalk when we realised just how insecure it is. If you grant access to Tapatalk via selected groups then Tapatalk caches the information about who can access the forums. If you move someone out of the groups that have access you will find that Tapatalk continues to give access because it has cached the information. From Tapatalk (March 2020) After you update the Guest permission, that update is not being passed to Tapatalk App right away. We try to avoid constant data requests to your forum getting updates like that so it doesn't overrun your server nor slowing down the
  2. In June and July this year we successfully used the "Elections System" for elections of our Directors and Executive Committee. Only members can vote. All members are eligible to vote for some positions whereas other positions are regional so only those members residing within that region are eligible to vote. This was so easy to set up within the Elections System! Before deciding to use the Elections System we looked at alternative products but could not find any that integrated with our membership database - let alone in such a straightforward way. Also, we approached 3rd party organisat
  3. Hello, Will we be able to set "permissions" on the blogs categories? That would be a really important feature for us. We would like to have some blogs as "members only" but to have other blogs as "public". If these new blogs categories support permissions that that should solve our problem as we would be able to give the "Guest" group access to only the public blogs categories. Thanks. John
  4. Hello, There is a minor problem when running SuperGrid templates 3.1.0 and SuperHelp templates 1.4.0 on Invision 4.4.7. The problem arises because in one of the releases Invision changed the default namespace so that references to the 'count' function no longer default to the PHP function (in the root namespace '\') but default to the relevant IPS namespace. The solution is to force all references to the PHP count function to be the root namespace by using '\count' instead of 'count'. When using IN_DEV mode any access to SuperGrid or SuperHelp pages results in an exception and the m
  5. Response to support request #1028652: This is unfortunately not something in which is available within the product at the present time. You would be best to post up within our feedback forum if you wish to see this changed to allow for what you are looking for here, however its not something in which I can give a quick fix for, as it would require development. You can find a direct link to this forum in the following location https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feedback-and-ideas/
  6. Sound, I agree with you on this. We need the ability to enable restrictions else others will steal the quotas on our keys Google JavaScript API, Static and Embed all allow HTTP Referrer restrictions Google Geocoding allows IP address restrictions You cannot have both IP address restrictions and HTTP Referrer restrictions on the same API Key => Therefore you need (at least) two keys => Therefore the IPS Google Maps Community Enhancement needs an enhancement to allow entry of two different keys and then to use the keys in the appropriate places a
  7. Adriano, Thanks -- seems to fix the problem. Nice! John
  8. Martin, Thanks very much for the quick fix! John
  9. Hi Martin, The 3.5.2 Membermap Zip will not open on Windows 10. Thanks very much...
  10. Hello - Version 1.2.0 fails (on IPS 4.3.5) - I've had to back out to 1.1.17 which still seems to work OK. The problem is somewhat strange - it seems to work once after flushing the cache and then fails repeatedly. Flush the cache and it works once and then goes back to failing repeatedly. The implication is that the cache hold something stale (either that, or the process of creating the data to go in the cache also sets up something as a side effect so that un-cached first time works). (When I say "flush the cache" I mean going into adminCP "Support" option and then selecting "
  11. Mine was also a ZX81 at home and some weekly lessons at school which involved punching cards and reading paper-tape but for the life of me I can’t remember what we were trying to make the thing do! After that I have recollections of an RML380Z at secondary school: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Research_Machines_380Z
  12. Adriano is correct, but I'm not sure that there is any other option. I'll take a look but it won't be for a couple of days.
  13. Although I can clearly see this issue on your site I am unable to replicate it with or without the quick register option. At the risk of stating the obvious have you tried running the support tool to clear out all of the caches?
  14. Can you send me a link please. If you compare your screenshot with the one that Square Wheels has posted you’ll see that they have a different layout. All of my sites have the same layout as Square Wheel’s so I’m not sure why yours would be different.
  15. Yes that is the way it displays in 4.2. My screenshot are from 4.0 or 4.1 but IPS changed the templates in 4.2.
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