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Posts posted by Charles

  1. 4 hours ago, jesuralem said:

    Will all these features only be available on cloud subscriptions ?

    I get it for image analysis and sentiment analysis but i would expect who's viewing and who's typing to be available on self hosted as i don't see any AI in there :).

    Those features do not use PHP/MySQL so do require a more advanced setup that cannot be done on self hosted environments. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Markus Jung said:

    I also did not have any notice in my AdminCP.

    And some content that was written during the day is lost. This way, I will lose trust of my community – and in IPS. 

    Is there a backup of the lost content, and can it be replaced?

    Yes, same here. ☹

    During the maintenance there was about a 90 minute window where, depending on various circumstances some roll backs may have happened. But it would have been at most one or two hours worth of input. I realize that can still be frustrating but DB maintenance can be difficult. Luckily this is something we generally only do once every year or two. 

    1 minute ago, Dazz said:

    So it's just a coincidence that I'm seeing errors on my site all of a sudden this morning?  The sites been running fine for months with no problems... 

    Yes. As you’re self-hosted your errors are unrelated. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Dazz said:

    My site is still down with this error... I've been in contact with my webhost and i've restarted my server and SQL server. How do we contact support now?

    Your community is not hosted on our platform so your issues would be unrelated to our maintenance. You would need to contact your web host for assistance with any database issues.

  4. 11 minutes ago, W-G Harland said:

    I did not get any corrspandance in my panel or email. I am following the status page now though, my site is still offline guys, its been hours now guys.

    Your web site is down because of an issue unrelated to this maintenance. The issue is on your end - I replied to your ticket. Let us know when you resolve the issue and your site should come back online.

    15 minutes ago, Guy Shimon said:

    No bulletin on my panel. Also, please consider sending an email as well. This caught some of us by complete surprise. 

    I'll see why the bulletin did not show in your AdminCP. Be sure to subscribe to https://status.invisioncommunity.com so you always get updates in case our main systems have issues.

  5. Just now, W-G Harland said:

    Owch, if I knew this was happening in advance I would of redirected domains for our store networks. Now we are having signficant revenue impacts due to this. Offline since it began, not a good time unfontunely! 

    We made a bulletin in your community AdminCP, on our site, and our status page several days ago. Be sure to keep an eye on your AdminCP or subscribe to our status page to get email updates.

  6. 7 hours ago, Markus Jung said:

    It's not that simple – and it's not only about GDPR, but also about the Digital Services Act and other Laws and Regulations concerning ePrivacy.

    That may be true but again, since our Guest cookies do not track anything about the user, there is no privacy concern.

    In fact, we plan to eventually phase out ALL cookies for Guests so it's a total moot point.

  7. Actually most of our clients in the EU, even the ones from huge corporations, do not concern with the cookies our software sets as a Guest. Since our cookies and the platform in general does not store data on Guests or otherwise track them other than transiently while they are actively clicking, GDPR does not apply. Contrary to popular believe, GDPR is not a cookie law, it is about data privacy and since we don't store any data on Guests (as in tracking cookies and the like) there's no privacy concern.

  8. This is not an exploit it is just annoying user behavior. There is a LOT a user can do to be purposely annoying. The editor will allow any safe input and filter out anything that can be dangerous (like JavaScript and such).

    This is a moderation thing not a security thing.

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