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  1. So instead of showing "site offline" to a user, you could show "site offline" to a guest IP? If so, that would be very helpful in this case.
  2. As @Nathan Explosion has found, the back-story to this request can be found here. Quite a specific use case, but clearly for the user in question it would be very welcome to know that they can communicate freely without fear of their comments being used against them offline.
  3. Agreed - however my concern over this suggestion is the potential impact that locking down our content behind a registration-wall would have on our SEO ranking. Our community won't continue to grow if we're not easy to find. For additional context, our community began life behind a registration-wall on a different platform and the founding members agreed that taking the forum out into the open was the right thing to do for the long-term future of the community. Hiding our content again would feel like a backwards step, and whilst we want to support the member in question, we can't put their needs over the needs of the community at large... which is why this feature request came to mind - seems like a good solution to help protect our members in specific cases like this without negatively impacting the visibility of the community.
  4. Yep, that is the backstory to this feature request. I realise this is an edge case, but in this instance it would be super helpful for us to be able to block a guest IP.
  5. According to the reply I was given this morning from the IPS helpdesk, guests can still see everything even if their IP address has been banned. The reason I raised the helpdesk query was that I noticed the guest IP which I had "banned" was still looking at different topics even after I had added a Ban Filter for their IP.
  6. I understand that this doesn't work for guests/non-members. They can still see all content? Given that the stalker in question isn't tech savvy (the member knows who the stalker is IRL), an IP ban will "probably" be enough to have them get bored and move off our site. Agreed that it's not a silver bullet for all bad behaviour, but in this case it might just be enough.
  7. We're hosted on the Invision cloud service. Not sure we have the ability to do that?
  8. I understand that there is currently no way to block a guest IP address from viewing forums, which feels out of step with the ability to block registered members who then see nothing of the forum content, so here's a request to add functionality to block guest access by IP address.
  9. And to build on my OP, can anyone share how to ban/block an IP from viewing the site completely? Even they have never signed up as a member?
  10. That's just it. We don't have their IP so need to deduce it from their time spent on our site.
  11. One of our long-standing forum members is being cyber-stalked across various social media sites and forums, including our own. I'd like to prevent access to our site by banning the stalker's IP address. Is there a way to review a list of guests plus their IP's over a specific date range, so that I can identify the correct IP to ban, rather than eye-balling the online users page until I see a guest from the location we have in mind? I can't see anything like this in the AdminCP (unless I'm just not seeing it, which is entirely possible). Our site is on the Invision cloud.
  12. As the title suggests, would love for the cacheExpiration value (defaulted to 24 hours) on the forum statistics widget to be configurable by an administrator in a future release, just like it was prior to 4.6.0. The current 24 hour default setting rather renders the Forum Statistics widget a bit pointless if it's not percieved to update in "real time". I can just imagine the PM's from my users... "Why don't my posts count towards the site total?"
  13. Our site is on a cloud-based subscription and I don't seem to have that folder so can't find the widget file. Curious to know why you think a plugin wouldn't be an option for us?
  14. Here's where I changed the format from "short" to "long". I can't be 100% certain that it wasn't refreshing as expected before changing the format from short to long, given that the short format doesn't show individual post increments so naturally would take longer to show an increase in post count from X.2k to X.3k posts, for example. And the block cache settings are set to reload every 4 minutes. @Nathan Explosion, that's both helpful and not, all at the same time. What I think you're saying is that with the introduction of the new "short" format post count there is a global cache expiration setting which overrides the ACP cache refresh setting (below), and it's the global cache expiration that now needs to be adjusted once the post count format has been changed to "long"? If I have this right, can you show us where you found that snippet so that we can adjust it to a duration that makes more sense for long format post counts please?
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