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  1. I think @kmk is talking about Markdown-like task list. You can enter something like this:


    - [x] My first task
    - [ ] My second task
    - [ ] My third task

    And after this content is posted you will get clickable task list with ability to check and uncheck any item:


    Really like this idea but I'm pretty sure it is not simple to implement.

  2. 19 hours ago, Daniel F said:

    the language system in IPS 4.x is unfortunatly quite limited and requires a full rewrite

    I guess I know what will be my favourite feature in 5.0 (2022? 2023? 2024?) 😉 

    P.S. I really hate \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack(). Wanna a shortcode like \IPS\Lang::getString() 🙂

  3. Hello! The problem is you can't add a third-party translation of a third-party application into the existing language already installed from the acp marketplace. This is very annoying especially for non-English communities with third-party applications or even custom self-made applications. Users can't combine multiple language packs into one single language.

    I told support about the issue and just got an answer from @Daniel F that "the feature is working as intended and we have no plans to change the behaviour". Yeah, I think it means "we do not want to make your community solid and clean". Why you can't just make a good software for everyone, not only for English-speakers?

    And I'm silent about problems with update check of languages, uncomfortable 'translate' page, glitchy 'out of date' filter and so on. Uploaded my language pack March 22, 2015 and it is on #1 place by reviews, views and downloads (previously #2, but German was deleted). And I got 'oh, sorry, it is not in our priority'. That's very encouraging! Awesome, thanks!

    I really hate doing this (mean mass-ping), but... @Matt @Lindy

    Thank you for your time. Hope we will be able to improve current situation.

  4. As far as I know, requirement to store personal data in Russia don't requires you to not store them outside of Russia in most cases. Thus said, you may to create another database for several tables in Russia and just keep it up to date with your main database. You can hook into multiple methods in the \IPS\Db class (insert, update, delete and so on) and run additional query to your Russian database each time it is ran to core_members_* in your main database.

    But anyway you should consult with your lawyer and Roskomnadzor before doing this.

  5. 50 minutes ago, VladislavD said:

    Привет, а как добавить кнопку в комментарии блога?

    (Hi, how do I add a button to blog comments?)

    It should be there. Do you use custom theme? If so, PM me a link to your community.


  6. 1 minute ago, Paul E. said:

    I imagine theming support for ACP was removed due to issues with providing support, a potential security problem, wanting the newly built in Marketplace to be untouched by themes, or some combination of the three.

    You do not understand the problem. I have a custom theme in 4.5 which is set as default. It has larger font sizes than original theme. It has another brand color. And now these changes populate from my front-end area into my AdminCP. I do not want to see my front-end changes in the AdminCP, but I see them and there is no way to set clean theme as default for AdminCP without custom plugin.

    7 minutes ago, bfarber said:

    You can obviously do this on your own site if you want. But yes, the functionality was removed for a reason and this is one of those areas I anticipate we wouldn't allow to be "restored" via a Marketplace contribution.

    Is it allowed to share plugin in this topic for those with the same issue?

  7. 9 minutes ago, Tirel said:

    не и а где?)) для 4.5 нет разве?

    Ты текст читал на который стрелкой указал? 😺 В 4.5 устанавливать приложения, плагины, стили и языки нужно из магазина в Админцентре.

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