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  1. Haha jk. Appreciate you watching! 💜 @SeNioR- Might need to start brainstorming a Part II, right @Charles 😏
  2. Appreciate this comment a lot 🥲 Exactly the vibe we were going for! And I love your perspective on community. Thanks for the kind words, @Davyc!
  3. Nearly two decades ago, Invision Community President, @Charles , set out to make a leading online community platform. Around that time, Charles also met his now-husband of 18-years and hasn't looked back since. Until now. Behind the code, product updates and newsletters are a group of people who share a passion for community building. Considering how volatile and toxic the Internet can be, we want to become more visible, transparent and vulnerable. To help you familiarize yourself with the masterminds behind Invision Community, starting with Charles, we're kicking off a new series that'll highlight our team. I interviewed Charles for the first installment. In it, he commented on the state of the Internet: "I do think some times, for or better or for worse, people forget there are real people on the other end," he said. Mr. Warner also touched on Invision Community's evolution over the years. "People don't like change. No one likes change," Charles said, adding "sometimes you say, 'we really need to change something' either in the software, or how you do things, and people push back. It might be we change a feature or maybe internally we change the way we do something. Sometimes you have to move forward. Sometimes it's irritating at first. 'Why did you change that?!' And also you have to recognize that sometimes you're wrong. Sometimes you might change something [and think], 'no, it's not better...' I really find that that's a big thing – to constantly be looking at all those other options and try stuff out. It doesn't harm [anything] to try things." And in the spirit of Pride Month, Charles opened up about being part of the LGBTQ community and also President of a successful company. He hopes it'll inspire others. The full interview is available to watch up top. After watching, please drop us a line in the comments and let us know your thoughts! 🌈
  4. So far so good! One comment I'm getting frequently, that I believe others have mentioned, is the ability to show what Offers have been submitted, so other members can outbid one another versus blindly submitting an offer. Thoughts on that? Appreciate the hard work on this one overall! Super powerful. I'm in love. I'll circle back in the coming days as I learn more if that's alright 🙏 💜
  5. Just launched mine today! Would love any feedback 😅🙏 https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/classifieds/
  6. Congrats!! Jealousssss. Is your store up and running already? They told me they wanted to see mine in action before they'd approve me. I'd love to see your Classifieds page! Down to PM me a link? 👼
  7. Interesting idea. What would be an example of this? To celebrate a holiday or event? Reminds me of Facebook 😅
  8. After literally days going back and forth with PayPal, they finally told me in order for Payouts to be enabled, they want to see my Classifieds store in action making sales. My question is: is it possible to use this Classifieds app without Payouts turned on? Can people still buy and sell using PayPal and Stripe? It's a little confusing to me cause it's hard to test the transactions process 😬 Any insight from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Y'all are too much 😂
  10. Hey there. Wondering... if PayPal's Payouts isn't available, is it still possible for members to sell items to other members in the community and earn money? Paypal says they are not going to approve my application to enable Payouts, though they won't clarify why. 😢 Paypal says: Not quite sure what to do at this point.
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