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  1. I feel you on that. My advice would be to give it a try even if it makes you uncomfortable and see if it works well for you. If not, turn it off :] Might be $10 very well spent!
  2. So in this scenario, it'd be a per Topic setting. In that Topic setting, on the initial post of the topic (the topic starter), there'd a button that'd say "add authors." Once added, those members would be able to edit the post. Is that right? @InvisionHQ Whatcha think? :] Love this btw
  3. I like this! Jotted this feature down. @Joel R mentioned this already but this should accomplish what you want no? Another great tool is the group mention plugin:
  4. Nice suggestion! I think it boils down to taste cause tbh I like it on the profile photo. It kind of reminds me when a boy/Girl Scout where's a badge 😆 Curious what others think though as well!
  5. When we get the date finalized I'll be sure to let you and the rest of the IC fam know. 🙂
  6. Wellllll yes! Soon though heh 😇 We are planning a live Q&A sesh so you all can jump on and ask questions btw.
  7. I love this suggestion. I have found many instances when featuring a member's topic, I will add some additional information to their post, which looks like the OP wrote it. I want to clarify to people that there are now two authors, at least a contributing author, so no one's words are minced.
  8. Interesting! Leave a comment on a reaction? What is the purpose of that 😅
  9. I do agree it would look more uniform if all the pages were consistent 👍
  10. Loving the conversation and replies we got going on in this post! 👏 We're working on implementing some of the feedback suggested :]
  11. --- I do like the concept of excluding. There are certain instances where I've wanted to exclude things. I'm curious - 1000s of subforums? Literally? How does that function? Not being shady btw I'm genuinely curious.
  12. I'm all for members using as many sad or happy emojis as they please. 🙏 Whether that's 1 sad face or 50 of them. I'd like to point out I'm not trying to control anyones' emotions.
  13. I do think this could be useful yes 😅 At the moment we are trying to find the line between people getting crazy competitive and also illustrating what badges earn what. 😸
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