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  1. Going to go through the rest of the list, but this one is great. There's a plugin for it. I use it in my own community 👍 It's for 4.5 but from what I gather it should work for 4.6. Haven't tried it yet though so don't take my word for it 😆
  2. Appreciate you taking the time to write this out. A lot of great points 👍 👌
  3. Hey @newbie LAC, sorry for the multiple comments today 😅 - wondering if this will get some tlc and be updated for 4.6? 😇
  4. Thanks so much for the kind words! The team smashed this one out of the park. Appreciate this a lot 🫂
  5. Hey there, bummer to hear you don't like the look of the badges. Do you have any examples you can provide of ones you do like? Thanks.
  6. Ooooh I like this. It would be interesting if, while having this badge, they're moved to a new group (say a group with additional privileges). If they don't meet the 30 posts that week they're downgraded back to their original group (and thus losing the perks).
  7. Ahh interesting. Perhaps in those unique cases it'd be a good idea to paste the link to the link text... Link inception! https://xn--90adahrqfmec.xn--p1ai/
  8. I would give the little CSS option suggested above a try! I'm curious if that does the trick or not :]
  9. Hello! Interesting. Can you expand a little more on this please? Why do you want to limit certain extensions?
  10. I like this as well. What if you created an "admin" group that only had access to basic permissions that included this? I personally have done that on my own community. They are technically admins, but only have a handful of permissions checked. But if you are looking for it to be done in the front-end, perhaps that'd be a good plugin? IDK IDK. Thoughts y'all?
  11. Just want to say mad respect for the time and attention you put into thinking this all out! We have a bunch of awesome stuff in the works, but I'd personally be interested in us expanding on Pages in the future! It's pretty darn good currently, but yes I'd love to see what else we can do with it as well. 🙏
  12. Hello! I would suspect you are right - because if you are implementing ad code from a third-party company, than it could cause issues. I've personally run into trouble before where something was being wonky in my community. Turns out it was because of an ad script. 😅
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