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  1. A galaxy of black holes upon black holes. That's an interesting metaphor. 😅 @Joel R, would love to reflect question #1 back at you. I'm being sincere btw. I am genuinely curious. If you could please phrase it in a way that goes the extra mile in being kind that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes to all of this! I personally also try to pause if I'm feeling a certain type of way. 100% of the time when I circle back, I'm able to manage my communication far, far better than had I reacted impulsively. Though I do love me some raw, in the moment emotion as well 😆 If you can act in the present moment the way you would in the future... that's goals!
  3. Is this a bad time to say 'Remove your ad blocker and become a member 🤠'
  4. I installed it but I'm not sure I see any changes? But that's better I presume than seeing something broken lol Looking forward to it being baked into 4.6!
  5. I tend to learn towards this route versus using the Feedback website (example https://feedback.clickup.com). One thing we talked about recently is creating too many sub-forums and how clunky that is, but I do think it could be useful to break things down further based by app. I know we just revamped the forum sections so maybe this isn't coming at a great time 😆 But it could maybe be like FEATURE SUGGESTION FORUM (type: category) Forum (type: questions) Blog (type: questions) Pages (type: questions) Gallery (type: questions)
  6. I have not seen this section on Lego till now. Wow. That is seriously cool!
  7. Appreciate the kind words and understanding. @Joel R, I'd like to think at the end of the day you love Invision Community (despite our pitfalls) and that's why your feedback came off as, um, passionate as it did. But it would be greatly appreciated if moving forward we held off on that kind of commentary. We are real people behind these usernames that care. We care about you, the community and our product. 🙏
  8. Harness the force as a community leader. A long time ago in the Interwebs far, far away... I proudly signed off all my posts and emails with the title: Owner, Administrator. Anyone in a 10-mile digital radius from me was made well aware: I AM AN OWNER AND ADMINISTRATOR. I AM IMPORTANT I PROMISE. I OWN AND ADMINISTRATE!!! Granted I held off on the all-caps, but still. My assertion permeated throughout all areas of my online presence. Though well-intentioned, my identity as an administrator pushed me away from the community I fostered. I focused mor
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