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  1. Side Note: AdSense AutoAds ignores the site code all together which means these fixes don't apply to AutoAds. You will need to manually exclude URLs in the AutoAds section for URLs you don't want to see ads on, like http://yoursite.com/register.
  2. In the Download Manager for 3.4.9 the categories showed a list of files that were in sub-categories by most recent added for all sub-categories under your current location which allowed us to use the categories to create a library structure. In 3.4.9 you even had an option to show files in subs or not. In 4.2.4 the categories have been changed and removed all this functionality. It is designed for a more flat structure not a library structure where without the ability to turn the option on to show files in sub-categories really diminishes our library structure we used in 3.4.9. Now when someone is browsing our categories they get a page that says "no files here" to be the first to add a file... The problem with that is that those categories were designed not to have files an if a user wants to see files they have drill all the way down to category tree where files actually exist. This has removed a basic functionality of the download manager that our users depended on and are now complaining about. It would make sense since the code existed in 3.4.9 that it be included into 4.2.4 at least as an option when setting up a category. Now it's either allow files or don't allow files but no option to show files in sub-categories below the category you're setting up. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have but I believe this functionality should be brought back. Thank you.
  3. Adsense asks you to avoid using css display:none because its use skews the site data used for ad buyers and because there's no way for buyers to know which locations are hidden. The larger the site traffic numbers the more skewed the numbers and Adsense will complain. Transaction: the site calls for the ad, Adsense records the view and sends the ad, the site renders the page but doesn't display the ad. In what I provided the site never makes the ad request because it's excluded and therefore never rendered. When thinking about how many ads you should exclude you also have to remember that profiles (if set to no guest access), settings, DMs, and all places that guests can't see are also violations as are the login pages, reset password page, private forums, and the list goes on. You can see how the display data can get skewed easily under normal use and it should be avoided as Adsense sites in their example @Cemmos provided.
  4. Location Location Location. Are we in a forum that needs ads restricted and are we in a topic that resides in one of those restricted ad forums. I don't know why anyone would worry about EOL as this has been a stable way of removing ads since 3.4.x but nothing is ever guaranteed to set it and forget it. If you're waiting on IPS to include this in your distro then by all means but since it is IPS' position that they don't want anything to do with your income (read: being responsible for your money) I don't see this happening anytime soon. However, I've been surprised before. What I provided is the quickest way to wrap the stock locations (4 different templates) and allows you the most flexibility. Lead a horse to water and all that. If you don't want your publishing account closed I'd suggest using something to clear the policy violation.
  5. There are a few examples above and I provided one I use. There's been a lot of activity in this thread so what exactly are you waiting on?
  6. If you have a look at my post above it will provide you everything you need.
  7. I believe it is Invision's Policy that they don't want to be involved with your income in any way (read: responsible). They leave it up to publishers to implement the changes necessary to make their product compatible with Google AdSense. I've been a publisher since late 2003 and it's really not that difficult to implement an AdSense compliant IPB Site.
  8. You may want to review the options available from the community here:
  9. AdSense has a simple philosophy. Comply or don't publish. If I were you I would move all the questionable content to a forum or sub forum of it's own. Then use the examples posted at the link below to remove ads from the specific forum_id you don't want ads in. The translation of "threads" can be confusing, as IPBoard uses the hierarchy FORUM >> SUB FORUM >> TOPIC >> POST.
  10. You were exactly correct. After installing and configuring this plugin it provides exactly the missing functionality. Thank you.
  11. You can't block displaying at a thread (if that means what I think it does) level but you can at the forum level. What policy are you violating and why is it specific to a topic or post?
  12. Check the link. The page requested does not exist.
  13. Looks the same to me in FF / Chrome / Opera / Edge with the mouse over changing to white background. Not sure why it's different for you.
  14. Google AdSense complains about any page they can't crawl with AdSense Code on it (private forums or places guests can't go) or about AdSense Code being on any pages where personal information, usernames, passwords, credit cards, etc. are exchanged. (membership login) I will share my way of removing ads from forums, site areas, and applications that Google will issue a policy violation for even if they haven't already. I can't offer personal help or support on this fix, use at your comfort level only, improper implementation can cause page load problems and you'll have to revert the template, test check and test after implementation. This fix allows you to wrap the ad location once and be done and requires fewer template changes. This edit allows for removing ads from locked or staff forums (non visible to guests), removing ads from IPS sections (like login and register), and removing ads from applications (non-visible to guests) and is fully configurable. This edit wraps each ad at the template level so if you're not comfortable editing your templates then this fix isn't for you. It is fully configurable to your IPS install and must be configured to your install to work. Replace: forum_id1 with your private forum_id number(s) you want to remove ads from. Example: 3, 27, 43, 51, 52, 53 ... and so on or less. (these are your actual private forum IDs) Replace: app_1 with your app_name you want to remove ads from. Example: nexus, membermap ... and so on or less. (example: membermap) WORKS ON IPS 4.2.3 - Not Supported by IPS or Me - Use at your own risk and experience level with IPS Products. WRAPPING AN {advertisement="KEY"} EXAMPLE --------------------------------- {{$forumId = 0;}} {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'forums'}} {{$forumId = \IPS\Request::i()->id;}} {{endif}} {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'topic'}} {{try { $topic = \IPS\forums\Topic::loadAndCheckPerms( \IPS\Request::i()->id ); $forumId = $topic->forum_id; } catch( \Exception $e ) {};}} {{endif}} {{if ( \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' AND ! in_array( $forumId, array( forum_id1, forum_id2, forum_id3, forum_id4, forum_id5, forum_id6, forum_id7, forum_id8, forum_id9, forum_id10 ) ) ) OR !( in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->controller, array( 'login', 'register', 'lostpass', 'store', 'modcp', 'settings', 'ignore', 'notifications', 'profile', 'messenger', 'forums', 'topic' ) ) OR in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->app, array( 'app_1', 'app_2') ) )}} {advertisement="ad_global_header"} {{endif}} ---------------------------------- WRAPPING AN ADSENSE AD EXAMPLE --------------------------------- {{$forumId = 0;}} {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'forums'}} {{$forumId = \IPS\Request::i()->id;}} {{endif}} {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'topic'}} {{try { $topic = \IPS\forums\Topic::loadAndCheckPerms( \IPS\Request::i()->id ); $forumId = $topic->forum_id; } catch( \Exception $e ) {};}} {{endif}} {{if ( \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' AND ! in_array( $forumId, array( forum_id1, forum_id2, forum_id3, forum_id4, forum_id5, forum_id6, forum_id7, forum_id8, forum_id9, forum_id10 ) ) ) OR !( in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->controller, array( 'login', 'register', 'lostpass', 'store', 'modcp', 'settings', 'ignore', 'notifications', 'profile', 'messenger', 'forums', 'topic' ) ) OR in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->app, array( 'app_1', 'app_2') ) )}} <script async src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script> <!-- AdSense Ad Title --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" data-ad-slot="xxxxxxxxxx" data-ad-format="auto"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> {{endif}} ---------------------------------- Just sharing my way maybe which may not be the best way for you.
  15. @Adriano Faria Thank you. That application appears to alter the functionality of the sidebar category tree. I think this could be useful yet not an actual fix to what I was after. @Joel R Thank you. I'm not finding the two or three mods you're talking about that actually changes files displaying in subcategories and thus restoring 3.4.9 functionality. Any suggestions you've found that I haven't?
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