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  1. You can already do basic LMS things in our platform. I agree we would love to do a full LMS but it's a fairly specialized thing and would distract us from other projects. That said, I think we could add a few more basic things that would get you a lot closer to a sort of LMS-light.
  2. AMP is currently surrounded by a lot of controversy and much split opinion out there as to its value. Even 5 years later people still debate if it's even relevant. I don't think we should put effort into AMP when Google is still trying to defend its existence.
  3. I am curious if there is much value really in the Create menu. I've considered bringing it up for future removal because it feels disjointed to me. Creating things outside of the context of the area you are creating them in has always felt odd to me and I personally never use it.
  4. Following a user does not give them any special access. They could just as easily just click your profile daily to see what you are up to or even create an Activity Stream with only your name on it to see your activity.
  5. Just let support know what you want it to be and we will get the DNS entries for you.
  6. You have it right. Open means no membership needed. Public means anyone can read but you have to join to become a member. Are you saying your members are missing out on the have to join part?
  7. Yes, a video would be great. We are not seeing any problems clicking around your site 🙂
  8. One of your users on Firefox posted about a slow script warning. Can you please ask them to post a screenshot of their JavaScript console when they get that?
  9. We have not been having any platform issues reported by other clients. If you would provide some more information on what your users are doing or experiencing, we would be happy to look into it.
  10. Ok thanks for clarifying and I see the confusion. Your email was created via a post on our community here. Since you made that post, we now auto-associate the topic with one of your packages on submit so in the future that confusion should not happen. So it would not have that confusion happen since it would already know who you are regardless of what email it is from. When you submit a support request via the client area, it does auto-associate regardless of your email address.
  11. I can see your point from your unique approach. It's not something we plan on changing at this time. Right now the system submits your support request under your registered email address in the client area and then send you a confirmation to that email. You can reply to that confirmation from any email you like though.
  12. That looks like you have the visual language editor enabled. Go to language translation settings and disable visual language editing. Those also look like third party addons there so cannot comment on those.
  13. @Maik Seidl One of our team emailed you over one hour ago with a question. Your ticket is marked as urgent on our side. Please reply to our email so we can get your community back online. We are ready to help you! 😀
  14. I'm afraid we do not have any in-software throttling as we usually assume the email service provider would handle that on their side.
  15. I use https://invisioncommunity.com/discover/178/
  16. A document is not really necessary. Our team will update everyone - just like Marc did here - as needed.
  17. @Jordan Miller is on vacation. End of hump day.
  18. Many SSO “Login Methods” have options to either use the name SSO provides or to prompt the user on first visit to your community for a public display name.
  19. This is not something we can help you with in public on our community 🙂 Please submit a support ticket if you have email support, or use contact us form on our site to contact accounts and billing help.
  20. This means that our software will prompt you to manually run some update queries once you get to that step in the upgrade process. You could do it via phpMyadmin or similar. The big thing to keep in mind here is that, depending on your server setup, this could take a long time or cause unforeseen problems. It’s important to be able to manage your server if you are self-hosted.
  21. As our new achievements system matures and grows, we do plan to rework the leaderboard to better integrate the features.
  22. As a follow up: a reason for a content item being put on approval hold will be included in a near-future release.
  23. If it’s red then you’re ignoring security updates. All the more reason we do not allow it to be permanently dismissed.
  24. Yes I understand confusion but we weren’t in a rush as there’s no real impact to anyone on the platform. Of course new plan purchases are different.
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