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  1. Email support is just normal email like you would send anyone else. They are not “tickets” (though sometimes that word is used) they are just email conversations. Your history is in your email client or provider just as it is with the rest of your emails. If you are unsure on the status of an email conversation you have going with us, just reply and ask for an update. You can attach files to an email reply you send us just like any other email you send.
  2. We have not yet sent an email to clients on our platform as nothing really changed for them. We will send something soon to clarify but in the mean time your old plan stays the same.
  3. We already opened a ticket so we can escalate this as it’s an odd one 🙂
  4. I lost 😞 I had under 15 minutes for Adlago to post in this topic.
  5. Ahhhh I bet our internal engine turns: https://www.celiac.com/, into https://www.celiac.com/ Since having a "," in the URL is not expected behavior. This means our caching engine would see them both as the same thing.
  6. Next time you see that come up, open dev tools in your browser and copy/paste all the response headers here. I wonder if there's a bug somewhere causing guest page caches to cache the banned page. Obviously I am just guessing now. One of our staff who has a clue will probably chime in 🙂
  7. Yes, you need both. Browsers have bookmarks. Much like cookie-consent banners, things like this are best left to your browser. Every topic is that 🙂
  8. I only follow topics of interest and set my phone's email app to alert me to those follow emails based on a subject filter.
  9. My assumption would be is that your CDN is caching the output of a banned error page. Invision Community outputs "no cache" headers for those messages to prevent this from happening but you would want to be sure your CDN is honoring those.
  10. Soooooo in reviewing your feedback I discovered that I had broken submitting email requests via the Client Area for some clients 😞 I can see why you would be upset about the setup because you were not getting confirmations properly. If you could try submitting a request again, it should work now and you will also get confirmation emails.
  11. We are working on native translation in a future update 🙂
  12. I usually feel the editor is beneath me and then I’m like no don’t be editorlitist.
  13. Thanks for noting and saying do. The team has been making a real effort and glad you see it!
  14. Good point ... I will make a note to be sure you get a confirmation when we create a ticket on your behalf.
  15. For those of you who have accounting back office overhead (I get it!) I would say just do an account credit pre-pay equivalent to a year and then you're good to go.
  16. It looks like you have more than one community. Can you let us know which package ID you are referring to so we can lookup your URL?
  17. Looks like this topic was just moved into this forum a few minutes ago. Someone smarter than me will reply soon I'm sure 🙂
  18. It's a constant thing you have to look out for. We had a huge network attack on our platform a few months ago. At one point our firewall was blocking 450,000 requests per second. In fact, there is always some sort of attack going on in our network but we host thousand of communities so I guess someone is always a target 🙂
  19. @Ehren and @Jordan Miller did a great job designing and writing the new site.
  20. That's a good point. I am going to check if this is intended or something we just didn't think about. But I agree with you 🙂 I'll follow up soon!
  21. Everyone should receive an email by this time tomorrow with all the details. Remember only a small percentage of clients hang out on our site. We have thousands of clients to email.
  22. Yes - keeping both made my head hurt trying to configure 😉 But you can always add account credits throughout the year. We have some clients who make monthly account credit contributions to prepare for their renewals.
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