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  1. As most of the world now knows, we have released IP.Board 2.2.0 along with all its components (IP.Gallery, IP.Blog, IP.Downloads). The latest rounds of releases took a bit longer than the previous round as we took extra time in beta testing and being sure all of our proverbial avians were in an ordered queue. We think taking this extra time has paid off. In one day we did all this: Released IP.Board 2.2.0Released IP.Gallery 2.1.0Released IP.Blog 1.3.0Released IP.Converge 1.0.0 PB 1Launched our brand new web siteUpdated our IP.Nexus-powered client areaReleased the new IP.Board documentationManaged to keep our sanity during the processWe decided this time to release the products "silently" the night before the official release day so those people who frequent our site and forums would get a jump-start. Of course it took all of 30 seconds for everyone to notice it was out. And people wonder why we do not publish release dates :). So far probably our smoothest release especially considering all that happened in one day. Good work to all the IPS staff involved. It's our goal to keep this company blog up to date between official announcements so everyone knows what is going on. We will also publish sneak peaks of upcoming software and services. Thank you for your business and interest!
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