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We're still here

Everyone has actually been quite busy lately even with the lack of Blog and News announcements. We thought it time to post something here so you knew we had not all decided to take a month off or something.

After any large release there is a lot of "clean up" work to do like starting on small updates to fix issues or going back to some neglected projects and finishing them up. Our staff has been working hard to do just that and are nearly done and ready to move on to more exciting things.

As stated in a previous entry: we are working on the IPS Beyond enhancements and are quite excited about getting IPS Beyond upgraded. More on that in the coming weeks.

Don't forget that we are hiring! See the job postings announcements for details.

There is a lot of development resources being focused on the IPS Business product line. We will be posting the first official preview of this product line in the coming weeks. We are extremely excited about our approach to business services and are looking forward to releasing this entirely new product line.

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback and noticed our recent customer service improvements. We have another round of customer service improvements that will be phased in soon so expect things to continue to improve. We will also be posting a survey next month for existing customers and hope you can give us ideas.

That's all for this update - we will be posting again soon. Thanks!

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