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IP.Board 2.2.1

Already? Didn't we just release IP.Board 2.2.0?

Yes and yes. Ah, the nature of product development. We knew we would have to do an IP.Board 2.2.1 release right after releasing 2.2.0 so it is no surprise. Although we tested IP.Board thoroughly before release there is never a way to know what will happen once a product is released out into the world.

On the whole it's been very stable and we are quite pleased. Lots of odd little errors or issues specific to special server configurations. Some patches for specific conditions (like running on PHP 5.0.4) have already been added to our knowledge base. We are also going to add more clarification in 2.2.1 for frequently asked support questions that are not bugs but just confused areas.

While 2.2.1 isn't exactly an emergency we will die if it isn't released sort of thing, we will probably release it sometime during the week of Dec 11 so those people with the "odd" issues can be sorted. Also, the technical support team would probably welcome some integrated help on areas that are confusing some users :)

And speaking of support: the flood of requests with the release is starting to calm down so if you are waiting a bit longer than usual for ticket replies that should start to show improvement very soon.

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