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  1. damn it's almost 12

  2. I can accept this even if i don't agree with it. As you were everyone.
  3. Thanks everyone for your input, discussion and also a big thank you to all the beta-testers for doing a good job. Charles, good that you posted the update on the RC release (for some) but again i will have to point out that me and other 'end users' who are only interested in the finished final product could probably not care less about the versions before reaching the final product. I for one will keep paying for the license and not interrupt my subscription for any of the above reasons coz i think IPB is the best with great support people. Aside this praising i would like to see a more transparent time schedule or external deadline communicated to us impatient end users who have no interest in pursuing Beta's, RC versions or 'other' releases that aren't final.
  4. I'm not a beta-tester but merely a customer waiting for the upgrade of the product i'm subscribing to and still paying for. I'm a 'buy the finished product consumer' and leave the programming and testing to the actual people who work and get payed at IPB to make it happen. I don't think it's up to me or any other consumer to do IPB's work and feel my questioning of IPB's delays are valid, at least from my consumer perspective. If those of you who have the time and gladly help IPB with testing that's fine, but i don't think the beta-testers are some sort of measure of the general consumers needs and expectations for this product. There are simply many of us who want IPB to do the work and hand over the finished product without ever knowing or contributing to the testing procedures. That's what we pay IPB for.
  5. I'm not a beta-tester and simply patiently wait for the 3.0 Final. I thought the beta would reach a maximum for 3 betas but no.. it seems to keep going on and on without an ending. Now up to 5 or 6 Betas and it's starting to bugg me. Well, better it buggs me now than the forum later huh? >_< Of course there is nothing i can do about this and nagging about it isn't helping anyone, so, i simply ask; Is there an approximate deadline for the 3.0 Final... or at least targeted timeline? For those of you with technical expertize; do you see IPB 3.0 Final being released this year?
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