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Resource Site Updates

Our new resource site has been online for a few months now and the feedback has been great so we are going to enhance the offerings and further involve our community of resource authors. Some upcoming changes include:

Forum Organization

We will be reorganizing and adding new forums to the company forums resource section to make it easier to navigate and find information. You will also soon notice a feed from the resource site to the company forums featuring new activity, most popular resources, and more.
Resource Spotlight

Once a month, we will feature a resource and do a short interview with the author of that resource so you can get to know them and what they created. We hope that everyone enjoys these features and they help introduce our customer community to all the great resources that are available to them.

Community Projects

The IP.Tracker bug tracker community project has been very well received so we are looking at introducing more. If you are not aware, our community projects are projects that we sponsor but the community actually creates and are offered at no charge. IPS provides resources for programming, hosting, etc. and the customer community writes all the needed code for the project. We already have a new community project lined up and will be announcing that in the next week.

More to come

Also coming very soon is a ranking list of the most used resources, ability to list paid resources, better linking with our main site, and more. Keep an eye out for more updates.

Please expect some downtime on the resources site over the next several days as we implement these new services. Thanks everyone!



Recommended Comments

I like the sound of the forum changes it is a bit confusing navigating around at the moment and the spotlights idea sounds good as well.

One of my main problems is broken links to the resources site from the forum. You read a good thread about a mod, click the link for more and get a 404..probably not a great deal you can do about it but it might get better with the forum changes

Not moaning as I think ips is great.........hard work sometimes but great all the same.

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