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IPS Beyond

Now that IP.Board 2.2.0 is out and being well-received we are going to turn our focus to IPS Beyond. If you are not familiar with IPS Beyond already it is our official customer resource site.

At IPS Beyond customers can enjoy an informal atmosphere in which they can receive customer-to-customer technical support, chat about the products, share tips and tricks, and more. There are also modifications available for download to extend the feature set of your boards.

Many ask why they should use IPS Beyond when tickets are available and the short answer really is: it's up to you. You can certainly use our ticket system if you want the response times quoted under your license type or if you prefer your assistance made in private directly with our staff. IPS Beyond is great for people that want to take our products beyond (har har) what they would normally do or need help in areas not covered by our official support.

Ok, definition done, now here are the upcoming plans:

  • The web site will become... a web site, so not all the features are interlinked with the forums
  • Components provided directly from IPS! Some free some low cost.
  • Premade skins directly from IPS to start off your forum customizations
  • Greater recognition and rewards for those active members of our community who help others and provide modifcations/skins.
  • Tighter integration between IPS Beyond and our company forums

Work has already started on the revamp. We will keep you updated. There are lots of details we are still sorting out so give the IPS Beyond team time to get the pieces together... you should be quite pleased.

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