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  1. We recently announced large updates to Gallery: You can now play with the new version of Gallery here on our site. Give it a try! https://invisioncommunity.com/gallery/
  2. Join our team as we discuss the February 2023 release of Invision Community. If you cannot attend, we will post a recording of the video. Do you have a question about the release? Post your question in the comments and we will try to get to them in the live stream!
  3. I would be wary of any host that tells you to use an unsupported, including for security updates, software package like PHP 7.4
  4. I would guess no one has asked about it before because we gently discourage clients from relying on IP banning in our platform. In fact, I would hope someday it is phased out. It is not really a reliable way of controlling access in the modern internet specially as IPv6 becomes more popular. If you do need to IP-ban, it's better done at the firewall level on your network as that is what your firewall is good at doing. IP-banning in our platform I would argue is a bit of holdover from a different era of the internet.
  5. We never added it because you're the first to ask for it 🙂. Everything has to start somewhere. You can find the Developer docs by clicking on the top navigation Help and then Developer Resources.
  6. Sorry to hear your specific endpoint need isn't in the platform right now but thanks for letting us know you need it. We have hundreds of API functions so it's reasonable that we cannot have every single possible permutation 🙂 We do add new API functions all the time though so we can look at adding something in a future release. If you are interested in adding custom code, you can read our docs on custom applications.
  7. @Andy135 Thanks for your help diagnosing this. For those of you having this problem, please be sure you are on the latest version of Invision Community. Older versions are on the old PHP7 array which is no longer receiving updates because PHP7 itself is end of life. This is starting to cause some odd performance and reliability problems that our monitoring is having trouble detecting.
  8. Is anyone still having this issue? It appears to have only impacted people on certain nodes on the network. Our monitoring service did not alert us of a global downtime event so we are researching which segment was having issues.
  9. @opentype Good idea. I think something like that is probably possible now with some custom code but a future update could make it a lot easier.
  10. As the resident dang superstar, I would like to acknowledge @JamiUB's insight and wisdom.
  11. Yes, you have it right but with only a 30 second cache time you are getting no benefit. You would do better to have no caching. The old guest page caching would: Check MySQL DB if cache exists See it is expired, delete from MySQL Render a page as normal Insert row in MySQL with rendered output Serve to browser You could have skipped all but step 3. A CDN will of course skip all steps because it never hits your actual server.
  12. Olivia wasn't nervous at all. Olivia was very nervous. She almost backed out.
  13. Honestly, if you only ever had it set to 30 seconds your site will actually be faster if you did nothing. Our old guest page caching added overhead to your server. With a cache timeout of just 30 seconds your server was working harder than it would than if you just served pages directly. I would still recommend a CDN but you should be fine either way and your MySQL will be on vacation.
  14. You will be missed, Jordan. I remember flying out to Las Vegas to meet you and when you ran up to me thinking "oh great, he's a hugger." I look forward to what you can do at AWS and expect discounts.
  15. until
    Content curation allows your Invision Community to "learn" what you want people to see and ensure they discover that content. In this class we will touch on both automated and manual curation methods available to you. RSVP to see Zoom link!
  16. until
    Learn about some of the tools in Invision Community to help you ensure the security of your community. (Rescheduled to 17 January)
  17. If you look in an SQL management tool, most will allow you to see each table's size and learn what is taking up space. If the search index is large, you can change the setting to reduce the amount of data indexed.
  18. until
    Our December release will not have any new features in it as we start to get ready for end of the year. This release chat will be more of a year in review and a preview of our plans for next year so please post your questions below!
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