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  1. Someone asked and I wanted to clarify: the data stored centrally is just metrics. There's no member PII in that. It's simply the raw numbers and activity data.
  2. We will soon be announcing some statistics and reporting improvements that will be available to both Cloud Platform and Classic self-hosted editions of Invision Community. Look out for a blog entry on that soon! I did want to talk about one addition to reporting and statistics that will not be available on Classic and do a quick preview: per-item reports. You will be able to see a view of the popularity of a section (specific forum, gallery album, download category, etc.) or item (forum topic, gallery image, file, etc.) over a time period. For example, you could see a graph showing which hour/day/week/month had the most views in an individual topic. Right now, stats only show total views and has no count for by hour or otherwise when that view was made. Cloud's backend systems handle the tracking, counting, and logging of views. This data is stored centrally outside of your master database so if you ever wish to go from Cloud to Classic, this data would not convey. Report data can include possibly millions of data points so, for performance, some larger reports may be queued. This means that Cloud will calculate the report and deliver it to you in a few minutes. This ensure that intensive data reporting does not cause timeouts for you. This is the first step in several other reporting and statistics improvements we have planned. We are also working to tie statistics into actions in the future. Think things like: stats discovers a previously dormant member has become active again and initiates a process to welcome them back. Or maybe stats discovers a member who previously only posted in Product A forum is now looking at Product B forum so stats tells your CRM to flag a possible sales lead. We are excited to be able to offer these enhanced services by leveraging the backend power of the Cloud platform!
  3. This is one of those behind the scenes improvements that you do not know happen but we still like to tell people about. All media that is uploaded to your community (images, videos, any sort of files) is now automatically replicated to a write-only backup within 5 minutes of upload. This means that backups of your media are basically continuous now. This part is not new but as a review.... For databases, we have two levels of backups: daily and weekly. Our daily snapshots are for catastrophic recovery and are extremely robust as they are replicated internally. The weekly backups are what I call "convenience backups" which might sound strange but let me explain. The weekly backups are not as robust as the daily snapshots but they are more easily restored. This allows our team to easily diagnose issues, assist you with recovering accidental deletions/configuration issues, and compare today to last week/month (we store several weeks for recovery purposes before old backups purge). We find having these two types of backups lets us be more agile in restoring service for both "major" events and "whoops" events. As always with Invision Community, your data is your data. At any time you contact support and we can send you a full export of all community data for your archives.
  4. Can confirm this will have Commerce integration for paid courses. Also for sure will do integration with Live Topics in a future release but we want to wait for Live Topics standalone to mature a bit first.
  5. The hosting reselling tools have been removed following their deprecation in September 2020.
  6. Our new Solved option in forums is replacing the old Questions and Answer forum mode. The current Q&A mode is very limited and "breaks" conversation flow as it is not displayed in a normal order. Most clients have found the new Solved feature sees way more engagement from the community. We will continue to enhance the Solved feature and related support and customer service functions.
  7. The ability to use a display name as a log in is deprecated and will be removed. Using an email address as part of the log in process is more secure than using a publicly visible display name.
  8. This is legacy code for when some self-hosting servers did not come installed with curl. Curl will now be required.
  9. This is a legacy way to cache pages for efficiency. Our platform can now be used with a CDN for guest page serving.
  10. Birthdays will no longer show in the calendar app, but remain optionally visible on member profiles. This is a legacy feature which adds considerable noise to calendar displays.
  11. With the release of Invision Community 5, we will begin the process of stopping support for Invision Community 4. This will of course be a long process and we will still provide support and security updates for Invision Community 4 until final end of life.
  12. We have soft launched this service at $129/month plus an implementation fee that varies a bit based on needs. We will post more information soon!
  13. Braintree, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout are no longer supported but will remain in the platform for now. These legacy payment gateways will no longer be supported and removed in a future release. We recommend you plan a migration to PayPal or Stripe. Note any custom third-party gateways are unaffected.
  14. We want Commerce to be a solution to monetising multiple areas of your community with micro-payments and subscriptions. Our focus will be on that area and physical product sales have now been deprecated and are much better handled by specialist services such as Shopify. We will work with you to help migrate your data. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about migrating physical product data to another service.
  15. When we built our first version of Commerce, very few support desk systems were available. The support desk you have in Commerce today results from our need for a ticket system we could use. Now, there are many email support desk solutions that are a significant improvement on what Commerce offers. Therefore, as we start to shape Commerce into its new form as a robust and feature-rich community commerce tool, we made the decision to deprecate the support desk feature so we can use those resources to build ways to monetize and build your community. Of course, we realise this may cause concern for the few that use it heavily, so I wanted to let you know that: We will help anyone that uses the support desk feature to find an alternative and plan a migration. We will create and strengthen native APIs to enable apps like Zendesk and Helpscout to access your community data for use in custom fields, etc. We will work with you to help migrate your data. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about migrating support data to another service.
  16. PHP 7 is now end of life from the developer and will no longer receive updates or security fixes. As such, we will require PHP 8.
  17. We are actually being very careful to avoid the term "LMS" because we do not intend to support those options you're listing there 🙂 A true LMS is a very complex thing. We are going more for LMS-light so to speak.
  18. That is correct, private messages are designed to be totally viewable to anyone who is in them. You can of course limit the number of people in a PM to just 2 to prevent others inviting.
  19. We are actually going to be removing the support system in a future release. As an alternative, you could use third party systems via APIs, normal email, PM system, or even create a forum where only the original poster and your staff can see posts. There are lots of ways to communicate in private to your members 🙂 When you say view complains, are you referring to the report center? You would also be able to select moderators too if they have permission to manage reports.
  20. We use a combo of Redis, DynamoDB, and also pre-processing results that are stored at the system level. So like some statistic reports not available on Classic are calculated at the cloud level and then stored for the community use. This is particularly true for intensive calculations that would time out if you try to do it live. There's also a lot of delayed requests that go into queue when processing a request or data in real time is not needed.
  21. We are deploying updates to our backend cache layer today. This change should see decreased latency for logged in members. While a small change, multiplied over every click for every member it will make a noticeable difference. This change does not impact guests/bots (those not logged in) as those views are handled by the CDN. You may see up to 10 minutes of slowness at some point today while the change deploys.
  22. Yeah subscriptions are extremely popular on all types of communities. Their use ranges from basic support to running an entire business in a community. Yes it’s a big focus area for upcoming Commerce update.
  23. Thanks for letting us know you find these valuable 🙂
  24. Can you provide the actual url to one of your mp4 files there?
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