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  1. New date ... Join us for our April release Live Topic!
  2. until
    New date ... Join us for our April release Live Topic!
  3. Sorry about that. We weren't ignoring you 🙂
  4. There is a minimum term of these services since we are doing quite a bit for you 🙂
  5. Yes, feel free to contact me or reach out to sales and we can chat about it.
  6. We hope to provide a preview pretty soon. For our first release we are going to keep this pretty simple and then get feedback from clients on how you want it to evolve.
  7. All support starts on the community. If we cannot help you in public, we will move your post to a support ticket. We do it all the time 🙂 We do not provide server-level support either way though. Anything server-related is on you to sort.
  8. Ah yes that might mean your community still has the wrong email in it. I set your new account you just made with the proper email address to be an admin so you should be good to go now.
  9. You should have received a welcome email with your starter admin login. If not, try a password recovery in your new community. You can also email support@invisionpower.com from your purchase email address for help.
  10. We can certainly do that but have always been wary of altering user generated uploads without a reason.
  11. US or EU either way we're not randomly downloading your data to our laptops and wandering around 😀 Anything we do need to do stays inside AWS systems.
  12. This new feature is now complete and will be in our May release. It will also be available on all Cloud plans. The previous post excluded the Beginner plan. Expect a blog entry soon with details. In the meantime, if you have questions @Matt Finger can answer.
  13. If you choose our EU option, all of your data is in the AWS Paris region. It is possible one of our employees outside the EU can access the data if you submit a support ticket or something like that. But then that is no different than if you were traveling outside the EU and logged into your own AdminCP. Even in that scenario, the data is still housed in the EU. Someone viewing your site from anywhere in the world (that's literally what the Internet is for 😀) has nothing to do with GDPR.
  14. I never thought I would see the day that Apple actually did this.
  15. Yes, we do just that. You can subscribe to the status page and get email updates.
  16. Be sure to subscribe to our status page. We use that for updates during events. https://status.invisioncommunity.com/
  17. Unfortunately we experienced an issue with AWS this morning that even AWS is not sure what is wrong at this point. It was not really down as long as that reports there as we put up a message and did not remove it until we were sure everything was good. Any systems can have downtime events, even something like ours with redundancy built in. It is regrettable especially when we do everything right to avoid it but something outside our control breaks. Especially when no one, not even your provider, can tell you what went wrong. This is really the first major downtime event in years but of course that does not matter in the moment. Frustrating all around 🙂
  18. We deployed WebP support today for both US and EU regions. This was honestly an oversight on our part and I want to thank @Dll for pointing out that WebP was not properly enabled.
  19. The topic that is generated happens once the Live Topic event is over. Once you end the Live Topic, the generated topic is posted within a few seconds.
  20. Yes, a video is not required. You can also just do text based Q&A.
  21. Our license system was down for a few hours this morning causing some oddities with license permissions. It is back up now. I am sorry for those issues. If you are still seeing problems, login to your AdminCP, go to License, and click refresh license.
  22. I would love to chat about your concerns there. Feel free to PM me 😀
  23. I am not sure I agree there. Even hobby communities can take advantage of new features. You have to move forward if you don't want to get left behind 🙂
  24. Totally understand many do. It's why we will continue to offer the Classic edition in v5 🙂 Always open to hear from people on what is holding them back though even if we cannot change your mind it's good to chat and learn. Always open for PMs 🙂
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