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    Good point
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    Yes, we will be posting the recording later today.
  3. Join our team as we discuss the November 2022 release of Invision Community. Please RSVP if you are planning to attend the live stream. If you cannot attend, we will post a recording of the video. Do you have a question about the November 2022 release? Post your question in the comments and we will try to get to them in the live stream! RSVP to see Zoom link
  4. A totally blank page is usually a server error. Check your server logs. You may also want to put your site into safe mode via constants as it’s probably a third party plugin causing a problem.
  5. until

    Yes that’s right. It’s noon EST so that would be right for your time zone. In other news, our time zone conversion tool works.
  6. until

    Eastern time but I think(?) it should show it in your timezone when you view. What time do you see?
  7. until
    By popular demand, we will be hosting a chat where we overview how our Cloud services architecture works from a technical perspective. This is one that will be pretty free-form so please post questions in the comments below before the event so we know what to cover. This one is for the nerds among us (which I think is most of us?) so if you don't want to hear a lot of technical acronyms then no need to join 🙂 We know we will talk about the general setup, challenges, and future plans. Please let us know what else you are curious about!
  8. @nodle Before you ask, @Jordan Miller is hosting the event.
  9. We are hosting our first live video stream to chat about our October release. This is a trial we are doing to see if everyone likes it and may start doing them with each release. Since it's a trial, please forgive us if we mess up or are otherwise awkward 🙂 Feel free to post questions in the comments on the Event entry and we will try to cover some in the video.
  10. until
    The event is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated! View the video here:
  11. until
    In Invision Community's October Release Live Webinar, we discuss a few key features included in the next platform update. @Charles showcases our new Events application which now features a visually stunning overview page. He also answers a few questions clients submitted to @Olivia Clark, including how to use the app for physical versus online events, what to do if your community doesn't offer many events and more. We also talk about adding support for OpenSearch 2.1, adding application filters for new reports in the Moderator Control Panel's report center, as well as updating Graphql library to 14.11.6. Do you have a question about the October 2022 release? Feel free to ask in our community topic.
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    Our support services will be limited for the Christmas and New Year holiday. Platform services are always monitored 24/7, but any non-critical issues may see response delays. There will be no January release so no January release chat. Be sure to join our December 2022 Chat for previews of our 2023 roadmap.
  13. until
    Our support services will be limited for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Platform services are always monitored 24/7 but any non-critical issue may see response delays.
  14. There are platforms other than Apple?
  15. We were recently comparing our page speed to a competitor that people always go "Oh they have an amazing page speed score!" Turns out, they just hide all their JavaScript from Google. Totally a cheat and totally against Google's rules but the almighty page speed score was high!
  16. I always advise clients to not put too much effort in a troll. If someone is just there to disrupt a community, ban them and give them no further thought. If it's someone who just needs to cool off then you can do a warning but I usually say one warning is enough. No time for distracting you from your good members to spend time worry about a bad member's feels.
  17. If you want to schedule a call, just email sales and we can book a Zoom meeting 🙂
  18. We didn't make this up 🙂 we modeled it after literally every SaaS service out there. I might submit that an "upgrade-friendly solution" is 100% what we should always choose.
  19. Make sure you are viewing your cloud account. I think you are viewing your self-hosted license.
  20. We are not experiencing any issues that we know of on our platform right now. When you see things like this, please email support with information on what you may have been doing at the time.
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