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  1. We are sending an email to everyone now with all the details (may take through tomorrow for all to send) but short version: Existing active, self-hosted licenses will have email support until 1 January 2022 or their current renewal date, whichever is later. After that, it will be community support only. We will of course still always help you and if we cannot sort out issue here on our community, we will take your post to email and work with you in private. You have probably seen a lot of us saying "I will submit a ticket for you." We have an integration between our community here and our help desk (via our Zapier integration) so we can quickly do that. So think of it as support starts on the community but email support is still there if we cannot help you in public. Of course billing/account questions can always be done in private by email. Actually you went from $85/6 months or $170/year to $250/year. That's an increase of $6.67/month. As you can see from the other post I quoted here, 6-month renewals sort of confuse people 🙂. Annual is pretty industry standard. Many clients will add account credits regularly throughout the year to smooth out the costs if they like.
  2. There is no change there. It's all email based as it has been.
  3. @Phillip Kocher Were you able to see what is going on? The vBulletin 4 converter is well-tested and used quite often so it should work well.
  4. @jay5r Your post there made me think that we should log the reason for mod queue on the front end. I made an internal note to see about adding that in a future version.
  5. @sadams101 your post reminded me that I forgot to put the link to theme diff tool back in menu. Fixed!
  6. The Xenforo 2.2 converter is now done 🙂 It will be bundled in our next release in a few weeks.
  7. The Xenforo 2.2 converter is now done 🙂 It will be bundled in our next release in a few weeks.
  8. Note that this feature was added in 4.6.0 - we just enabled it here.
  9. I believe everything should be back to stable now. We found a bug in AWS Aurora that ended up requiring engineers to hot-patch our clusters.
  10. There is no hard limit on this but it can start to get difficult from a UI perspective. That is true both from you managing all those forums/clubs and for your users trying to navigate it.
  11. He literally gives every single hump day topic a different title 🙂
  12. Sorry - that was my fault. I was doing backend server upgrades that host this site and our various backend functions like building zips for download. But things should be faster and more secure now so there's that!
  13. We released a patch to resolve the theme upgrade warnings. There really were not tons of theme changes but our release build routine had issues and incorrectly flagged the changes.
  14. I am curious why you would be concerned about someone who is not logged in viewing your site. At that point it is publicly viewable and everyone and everything (like search bots) can see it by design.
  15. We actually do it on-login for the users by design as a cron would create unnecessary overhead since it has to scan users who are not active. Is the user in the wrong group causing problems? Of course the system corrects itself the next time the user visits so they would not be able to do anything.
  16. We plan to add this feature but wanted to implement base Achievements first to see how people used them. But it will for sure be coming 🙂
  17. We have not added such a feature because it does not really come up as a common problem. I would say this is a moderation task more than a software issue to solve.
  18. Only if you have betas enabled. Check your constants.php file for use dev builds constant.
  19. That is a cache bust key unique to you. Normal browsing would not see that but since you are doing something "odd" it is putting that in to ensure you are not seeing a cached page.
  20. That's a genius approach. When your spouse is good you can be like "I recognize your achievement." I'm sure that will go over well for all!
  21. He had an actual Polaroid camera for reasons I still do not understand.
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