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  1. That may be true but again, since our Guest cookies do not track anything about the user, there is no privacy concern. In fact, we plan to eventually phase out ALL cookies for Guests so it's a total moot point.
  2. Actually most of our clients in the EU, even the ones from huge corporations, do not concern with the cookies our software sets as a Guest. Since our cookies and the platform in general does not store data on Guests or otherwise track them other than transiently while they are actively clicking, GDPR does not apply. Contrary to popular believe, GDPR is not a cookie law, it is about data privacy and since we don't store any data on Guests (as in tracking cookies and the like) there's no privacy concern.
  3. We do not log page impressions in the AdminCP as that is very resource intensive. Tools like your web host or Google Analytics might be able to give you a good idea 🙂
  4. You are right - we are working on simplifying the process. Should be live later this week 😀
  5. We do not charge anything for database storage on our platform.
  6. This is not an exploit it is just annoying user behavior. There is a LOT a user can do to be purposely annoying. The editor will allow any safe input and filter out anything that can be dangerous (like JavaScript and such). This is a moderation thing not a security thing.
  7. Thank you for reporting your problem and for the detailed information. We were able to see the behavior you are seeing in our logs and are deploying a fix. It only impacted a few of our network endpoints which is why it was intermittent and kind of hard to track down.
  8. This topic is from over a decade ago 🙂. We still don't want to become an email list serve as that is very... over a decade ago way of doing things You can now subscribe to activity streams you create which is a similar sort of concept but more custom per-person.
  9. If you Google the error message, the suggestion is to do: ALTER TABLE core_themes ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;
  10. You have support here on the community. If you have any issues feel free to post here and we will reply 🙂
  11. We have considered looking into this but since all browsers today have built in translation tools, we didn’t see the need.
  12. It is not but we are researching offering it. Elastic Search can get a bit expensive so we are trying to find ways to lower the cost of deployment.
  13. We did not post anything as there was nothing to say since nothing changes for you 🙂
  14. I doubt it's a good idea to change our default table setups. We use replication to multiple read-replicas on our services without any issue.
  15. We already released a patch to fix this for clients - just haven't applied it here yet 🙂
  16. We have considered deprecating IP-based banning because, in 2022, it is really not very useful.
  17. I believe Clubs were purposely excluded from Post Before Register because of the very unique permission sets that can be configured around Clubs.
  18. Depends on your service type. Those on our platform will get email support forever. Self-hosted licenses varies.
  19. We just moved the button under the purchase. So go to your purchase and click get support. You will then get a form. This way it auto-associates your message to us we already know what purchase you are referring to when your email comes in. It will also auto-send you an email confirmation.
  20. All support has been via email, and have we have not had "tickets" as such for well over a year now.
  21. Yes, we have a lot managed communities we run where the Create menu is hidden as well.
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