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  1. Can you use the Pages media option? It allows you to upload files not attached to a content item. Like this: https://content.invisioncic.com/a319035/pages_media/4_file_example_MP3_700KB.mp3
  2. You can also set a proper return path in the header but ancient email providers or corps still running Outlook 1999 may not honor it 🙂
  3. We are getting many requests from clients looking for extra services from us. We are developing a enhanced services add-on package that we hope would do that. This would be a monthly addition to your current package plus an initial setup fee. Right now the inclusions being considered are: Custom SSO setup Ongoing SSO maintenance Theme design Ongoing theme design maintenance 2 onboarding Zooms 2 Zooms per year Priority email support Second package for use as a staging site. Ability to duplicate live site to staging. Private forum on community for direct Q&As and previews with us. Pricing is not yet firmed up but we were thinking in the range of $100 - $200 per month as an addon fee as you are getting quite a lot with the service. Any thoughts or feedback? Obviously this is not for everyone but just thought I would see general impressions. Even if you are not personally interested please feel free to let me know if you think there is value here. Thanks!
  4. Do you mean the "From" address? Right now they are all from noreply@invisioncloudcommunity.com but the "on behalf of" address is your address. We can look into it but the problem is the return path. We have to ensure that bounce/spam reports come back to us for processing.
  5. Over the past several years, you have seen us add many improvements to our platform packages. New features and capabilities leveraging the advanced technology we can offer you have really moved so many Invision Community powered sites into new areas of engagement. We have been investing heavily in our platform resources and have seen hundreds of clients move from classic, self-hosted environments to our platform to take advantage of new features, and the peace that never having to run a server brings them. It's incredible how often the number one reason for moving is never having to utter the term VPS again! Our packages used to limit based on online users, but that wasn't easy to track and explain. The switch to limits based on page views has made more sense, but it is still a limiter on traffic and, therefore, growth. We really do not want to limit your community growth! So today, we are happy to announce that all of our current platform packages now offer unlimited page views. With this change, we look forward to seeing your community grow without worrying about traffic causing your costs to increase. We think you will love this change and look forward to presenting new platform improvements coming soon. Switch to our Platform Are you on a classic self-hosted Invision Community? Ready to stop caring about servers, databases, and backups? We offer free transfers to our platform, and we even give you an account credit if you want to give up your classic license. Not only does our team handle the technical move for you, but we also recognize your past loyalty so you can focus on running your community rather than the server. Contact sales today to talk about scheduling your transfer to our platform. We can talk via email or schedule a Zoom to go over options.
  6. On our cloud platform, we handle email for you. To ensure email deliverability we have to keep our "score" high which means we are very strict about managing email sending. Right now, our systems monitor when an email bounces or is reported as spam. For spam reports we immediately stop sending to that email to ensure a good sending score. For bounces, it depends on the type of bounce but they will eventually be blocked as well. This is great for sending scores but sometimes emails get blocked when they should not. People might accidentally click mark as spam. Their email provider might be having technical problems one day causing bounces that then get resolve. The list goes on. Bounce Management We are adding the ability for you to view reports on bounced/complaint emails, take action on member accounts (purge them or mark them as no notifications), and unblock emails that our platform may be refusing to email. A few notes on unblocking: we have to impose some limits of course. Spam complaint blocks can only be unblocked one time. If a second spam complaint for same email address comes in then no further sending will happen (ever). Bounce emails can be unblocked five times. A further note on spam complaint emails: depending on the nature of the complaint, they may not be able to be unblocked. Sometimes a spam complaint comes in and is targeted to the source (your community) and other times is targeted to the platform (our entire infrastructure). If it's targeted at our systems globally, then you would not be able to unblock it. But then, who wants to keep emailing someone who marks you as spam anyway! This new feature will be available on all of our packages except Beginner.
  7. I wanted to let everyone know that we will soon be eliminating page views as a limiter on all our current offered packages. Advancements in our underlying infrastructure have made it not as important to meter based on traffic.
  8. I'll post Randy's handy chart here again. S = Self Hosted and C = Cloud
  9. Having two Matts still sometimes scares me.
  10. We are currently in the beginning stages of developing a Courses and Lessons application within Invision Community. This will only be available on our cloud services as a value addition. We receive regular requests for Learning Management System (LMS) capabilities in Invision Community and the Courses app will start us down that path. The Courses app is not going to try to be a full LMS. Not trying to run a university here 🙂 But we do think there is value in offering basic LMS capabilities within a community context. Some features we are already doing: Ability to create Courses with multiple Modules Modules can have multiple content items that a member can read/engage (articles, videos, discussions) Courses can be made optional or required. Required courses can be defined as "do this first" or literally required as in you must take course within X days of joining community. Badges/points awarded on various completion events. Reports for those who enroll and/or complete a Course. Reports can be exported to CSV. As this is early development we are open to ideas and suggestions. How might you use Courses? What capabilities would you want to see?
  11. Our support team has first hand experience in the drama of self-hosted servers. There's multi-page topics with people having trouble just upgrading to PHP8 🙂
  12. The old PHP7 cluster is sort of being held together with duct tape 😀 Please try to upgrade as soon as possible.
  13. For those of you not interested in cloud, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to PM me your specific situations and concerns. Cloud very well may not be a good fit for you but I would love to learn more as to why it is not so we can evolve as we move forward 🙂
  14. Well Randy's point is correct. Attacking him doesn't negate that 🙂 We really have released hundreds of features across all package types. Of course we are putting effort into our cloud offerings as that part of our business is growing and self-hosted is declining. That's been the trend for about 10 years now. If you are experiencing a bug in the software that is impacting your community, please contact support. If you have a support request that is unresolved, feel free to directly contact a member of staff and let us know the topic or ticket.
  15. I'm not sure what to tell you. In your test there you are not logged in so probably hitting Cloudfront cached page. In that case it's not even touching our servers and something like Cloudfront is optimized in ways none of us can duplicate.
  16. I honestly have no idea why your server is behaving so oddly. You have several layers of cache methods going on there and a fairly complicated setup. You might want to consider simplifying your setup. You have a successful community but it's not SO active that it even needs things like Redis and the like. It's a case of when you spend so much time making a complicated, multi-layer setup and obsessing about every little millisecond of load time that you end up making the problem worse. Kind of like adding too many spices to your cooking. Sometimes less is more 🙂 Or... cloud 😉
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