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  1. Totally get and appreciate it. Thanks for getting them back up so quickly! We're working now to get these ready to upgrade
  2. I saw the support ticket email come through. Thanks, Jim
  3. We're getting a 500 error on all four of out chat boards instances. They are several versions behind, and we're aware we need to update them as soon as possible. We need to finish evaluating the custom plugins we currently use, but the 500 error prevents us from doing that.
  4. Thanks! Our sites are back up at least. We are in fact behind on the version and are in the process of upgrading.
  5. Same. We have several chat boards instances on the cloud service, and all of them are throwing 504 errors:
  6. Hi Marc, We're still reviewing our plugins as best we can. We're still on 4.7.0 and I saw in the release notes that included a PHP 8 scanner. Is there any way you can help us upgrade to at least to gain access to that scanner?
  7. When I click "Upgrade Now" from the new version prompt, I'm taken to ~/admin/?app=core&module=system&controller=upgrade&_new=1 and get a 500 error:
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