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  1. The folders are just for human organization. The system still saves the files as it sort of sees fit on the backend.
  2. All support on the forums do get our staff's attention. If anything cannot be handled here then we sometimes convert them to a ticket via email.
  3. What do you mean by "DB file" in this context?
  4. Many clients need to integrate with external platforms. They might have a website or some sort of client login system. It's actually our most common customization we do 🙂
  5. Once I click "End Event" in the Live Topic it's within a minute or so.
  6. Join us for our March release chat live!
  7. Just to confirm: we added a way to see the Pages media full URL. It will be in the April release.
  8. femvoxcommunity@gmail.com was blocked in our system because when you originally tested it did not exist. I have removed the block.
  9. https://invisioncommunity.com/services/switch-to-invision/
  10. Interesting. The staging site was a little "oh we could do this too" most people are interested in design and SSO.
  11. Nearly all use our email sending. I think you two are outliers 🙂
  12. Look in top right of this view 🙂
  13. If you are reading this and not in the Live Topic... it's the topic that was generated :)
  14. Either way works but chat is more fluid so sometimes good questions or thoughts come up in conversation. We can to be able to capture those.
  15. Anyone can ask a question in chat that a moderator can "convert" from chat to a question. There are settings to define if people can directly-post questions and if a moderator has to approve those or not.
  16. Already done! When you schedule a Live Topic you can have it auto-generate an associated Event option as well.
  17. What we do right now is live stream our Zoom sessions to YouTube Live. We then embed the YouTube Live link in our Live Topics here. You can use any video system but we currently only support YouTube for the automatic syncing timestamp in video.
  18. Doing an unannounced quick demo of Live Topics!
  19. Hopefully the new GraphQL system and future JS option will make the need for PHP unnecessary 🙂 We are trying to get to the point where "writing a PHP script" will not be necessary even if you want to extend the system to do all sorts of custom stuff.
  20. I would think you can create a Pages Block with your ad code and replace src=... with the {media} tag. Then embed the block wherever you want.
  21. That was the part I was like "ok this isn't very good" 😀 I embedded that "media" it in a page to get the path. Promise we will address that in next release!
  22. Feel free to PM me if you ever want to do a Zoom to chat about how the platform works. It may not be a good choice for you but I am always open to sharing ideas.
  23. So... ok... I was like "oh I have a solution!" but Pages Media is apparently a bit clunky. I'm putting in a to do to improve it 🙂 But, yes, you can upload media like that and it just creates a non-attached upload.
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