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IP.Commerce name changed to IP.Nexus

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IPS is changing the name of our new IP.Commerce (as yet unreleased) application to IP.Nexus.

We have received an exceptional amount of interest in this product to date and many have been a bit confused with the name. The major confusion lies in the fact that this application is not just an ecommerce application but also used for advertising, metrics, customer interaction, and more. So, we thought that a more generic name suited well and hope this will remove the "commerce-only" connection that the old name created. Also, there are many similarly named products out there that we wish to avoid confusion with.

As the product has not yet been released this is the best time for such things. Note that all previous blog entries have been updated.

Long-time IPS customers may be familiar with the IP.Nexus name as it was the name of a previous product (fairly similar to this one) that we decided not to release. We thought the nostalgia factor would be a great benefit to this new product. Thanks for your interest!

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