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October 2022 Release Chat


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In Invision Community's October Release Live Webinar, we discuss a few key features included in the next platform update. 

@Charles showcases our new Events application which now features a visually stunning overview page. He also answers a few questions clients submitted to @Olivia Clark, including how to use the app for physical versus online events, what to do if your community doesn't offer many events and more.

We also talk about adding support for OpenSearch 2.1, adding application filters for new reports in the Moderator Control Panel's report center, as well as updating Graphql library to 14.11.6.

Do you have a question about the October 2022 release? Feel free to ask in our community topic.


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Some questions:

  • Can we disable location specific event promotion?  (We don't have many events that occur in person.)
  • For communities without a large number of events, the weekly/monthly views come across as bare.  Any thoughts to keeping the event view (list of all upcoming events regardless of date)?
  • How does IPS plan to rollout the changes for moving from display name to email address?  Is there a way we could possibly setup a system that warns a user and allows them to use a display name for XX amount of times while telling them to use their email address (and reminder them what it is) going forward?
  • As we wrap up 2022, what feature are you most proud of?
  • Give us some hints to what you're thinking about for 2023!  While I realize you may not be able to go into tons of detail, it would be cool to see what you're planning for the upcoming year.  (Especially along the lines of how you tie the various modules such as Commerce or Pages or Gallery into the rest of the suite more!)
  • Are there any major trends that you've seen develop over the last year?  If so, how should we as community leaders respond to them?
  • With Facebook promotion feature being removed, what ways does the IPS team recommend using to help promote communities?
  • Are there any tips from the IPS team for how we as a community leader can make our sites stand out more?  
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A few more questions that I missed earlier:

  • Now that the IPS team has had a good amount of time working through monthly release cycles, have you found it has helped the development process?  Should we expect to continue seeing this cadence through 2023?
  • The October release added support for OpenSearch 2.1.  Is there any recommendations or preferences for using it versus ElasticSearch?  
  • There has been a lot of discussion around search context lately.  The October release further changed search context behavior.  Are you looking at additional changes going forward?  Would it make sense to allow admin customization as to how the search function works?  
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7 hours ago, Claudia999 said:

I don't have a question about the current release, but: I am missing an indication of the time zone for the chat.

It's happening in 25 minutes 🙂 Hopefully you see this in time!

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@Randy Calvert We wanted to give you a shout-out and thank you for asking so many great questions! 🎉 We covered the October release questions in the webinar.

Other questions related to our 2022 accomplishments and hints and previews for where we are heading in 2023, have inspired us to host another webinar in the near future to chat about those. Hope you can join us! 😀

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1 minute ago, Ocean West said:

So what is up with time zone calculations? 

It clearly says 10:30 AM (PDT) something is way off I came in and seen it was already happened.

Please consider some date time conversion https://dateful.com/eventlink

I believe it is showing in ET. I am based in PT but it went down at 10:30 am ET for me (7:30 my time locally). 

Here it is:


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1 minute ago, Ocean West said:


Post event URL instead of perpetually showing the Link to the event (that is over) it should link to the recorded presentation 


Good point

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