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  1. It is just in development with only one record in a subcategory. Database is Showcase Categories are Songs, with sub category Alternative. The one song is in Alternative. I created new database template set for each of the database template types with the exception of the edit form. The template groups are showcasefeat, showcasecatslist, showcaselist and showcaserec. From within the database settings I set the home page to be featured records only. Songs cannot be added to the category songs, they have to be added to the subcategory (Alternative in this case). The Articles template group is showcasefeat. I set the Listing template group to showcaselist. The Record display group is showcaserec. On creation I set showcasecatslist to be used by the showcase database. Within database settings I couldn’t see a place to set this template group. I couldn’t see a place to set it within the category override settings. The database home uses showcasefeat templates. This works ok. The category list that is home to the one record (database home/songs/alternative) use showcaselist. This works ok. The song itself uses showcaserec. This works ok. The problem is with database/songs. It has no records and one subcategory. I want it to use the showcasecatslist. With no place to set this explicitly, I had hoped assigning showcasecatslist to the showcase database would do it. Instead, the default template group CategoryIndex folder version of categoryRow and index templates are used. The database category settings allow me to set the list view but doesn’t give me the choice of showcasecatlist, only showcaselist, under the listing dropdown (the same options are available on the listing option on the database options page.). Am I missing where I can override this behavior and force the database to use Showcasecatslist categoryRow and index templates? Cheers John
  2. Hi I have created a new database and created custom templates. Everything is okay apart from one thing. The category listing. Where the hell can I set the correct template? I created the default category listing and assigned that to my database, yet still the default categoryRow template is used. Can anyone help? Cheers John
  3. Hi Gallery thumbnails aren’t showing. I’m not sure why. The original images still seem to be there. Is there a way to regenerate the thumbnails? Is there another way to fix this? Cheers John
  4. Are courses not available to self-hosted communities? I might have missed it.
  5. Hi Randy First let me thank you for taking time to reply. I’ve been working away on the problem and eventually worked out the problem. At least I know what was wrong and I think I worked out how it happened. What looks like it was wrong was the WAF at Stackpath. It had closed down some IP’s for suspicious behaviour, mine included. When I ran the upgrade I cleared the invision cache and I cleared the CDN. My IP address was not my normal ip address and I suspect the sudden burst of request triggered the WAF. I’m not sure why it affected more than one IP address, but it did. I added my new IP to the whitelist and it seems to be working. I’ve tested it myself from different computers/tablets/mobiles and have checked with site mods and all seems to be well. Doh! Cheers John
  6. update, I manually changed one of the CSS file paths to serve locally instead of from the cdn and the page displays ok. weird. I don't get why the update would break this. Is anyone else using a cdn having any issues?
  7. Also, now that I ran recovery mode the guest view is screwed now too.
  8. ok................................ I tried recovery. It disabled 3rd party plugins.... but the same problem exists
  9. I just looked in the system log-in admin and it says: auto_upgrade LogicException (0)
  10. Yes. I have tried accessing from 4 desktop browsers, and from Safari on iOS. All are ok as a guest, but fall over when you sign in. As Chatbox+ is only available for members, I thought that might be it. although it is disabled I thought maybe something still be breaking it
  11. interesting. thanks for letting me know! I wonder what the hell is going on? No doubt something embarrassing when found! So only member accounts are affected. Does that ring any bells with anyone?
  12. Hi I hope you can help. I upgraded my site to the latest Invision Community v4.7.10. The upgrade seemed to go ok, but when logging in, even in admin, nothing is rendered correctly. All style info is missing. I cleared my system cache in Invision admin. I purged my CDN (Stackpath). Disabled 3rd party plugins. Disabled 3rd party Apps. Then I noticed that Chatbox+ has a pending update. Unfortunately, I am not logged in to the marketplace. This incorrectly functioning admin area displays the login button, but clicking does absolutely nothing. So I can't update. I thought just disabling the app would work but, no dice. I hope I don't need to uninstall Chatbox+ and re-install it as I would lose history and settings. I also tried the default theme, same deal. In summary, the community is not working. Admin and front end are not rendering. Ideas and suggestions are very welcome! Cheers John => https://forums.songstuff.com
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