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  1. Pages SuperGrid support

    How to do set up the additional database or where to find it? Thank you
  2. Pages SuperGrid support

    Hello, how to achieve what i circle it in the attachment? Thank you
  3. Classifieds System

    Thank you. It would be nice to be able to disable expiration dates instead of the 99999999 days, maybe in future version. Once again, thank you for your reply
  4. Classifieds System

    Hello, Im interested in this pluging but so far i have these questions: 1- it is possible to sell vehicles. I can see there is a "Condition" category, it is possible to also add instead of "Condition" "Extra Accesories" ? 2- It is possible to add to the price an option that says: Price Negotiable ? 3- It is possible to disable expiration time? Thank you
  5. IPB Community Suite Spanish (Spain) Language Pack

    Excelente aporte! Yo empece a traducir tambien, tengo parte de la app de blog y downloads traducida. Gracias!
  6. Pages Clan Wars [ support topic ]

    Great! thank's @TAMAN
  7. Pages Clan Wars [ support topic ]

    Can it be use it for other sports event? like soccer, baseball, etc... or maybe instead of clan a peson1 vs person2?
  8. Redesign IPS 4.2

    This theme is great! clean stylish, just great and the best is that is FREE! Congrats @Volpe and big THANK YOU!
  9. Clubs Suggestions

    Maybe be able to post articles too, not just blogs
  10. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    I did not know about IMDB forums before but as far as I know after reading the news and people complain about: How bad it looked and poor moderation.
  11. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    Looks very promising!
  12. I might move back to IPS

    Thank you @liquidfractal
  13. I might move back to IPS

    Been a Invision Power Board user (now IPS) since 2005 and switch to Xenforo a little bit over a year ago. Then wondering about Xenforo 2 and now IPS 4.2 coming out make me want to go back to IPS. I've never really put an effort to build a community but now i will do my best to build a community. Saludos!
  14. It would be nice to group friends PM depending on interest for example: Group 6 friends under the name gamers since we are a game clan, so instead of adding 6 friends to the conversation I just add gamers and the message will be delivered to all of them. I hope it becomes available in IP.Board Thank you