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  1. Yes I re-read it. Sorry, english is not my first language. Thank you.
  2. "but we will over time likely merge all our apps into a single entity. This is not going to happen with v5.0.0 though." These means to move to cloud hosting only at some point?
  3. Good to know, I think i Have a unique use case for my business and self-hosting is my way to go. Thank you @Randy Calvert
  4. Hello, i am looking to renew my self-host licence but seems that Inivsion Community prefers cloud customers than self-host clients, so I am not sure if i´ll renew or look somewhere else. What is al self hosters experience so far, or what is the future for sel-host license? Thank you
  5. If you can't change permissions or your hosting provider, you had better change your hosting provider. I am not into recommending shared hosting providers but if this is the only choice you can go with A2hosting or Bluehost. If you can go VPS try: Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr. As long as you have the knowledge and the will to set up everything by yourself (server security, software installation, and maintenance). Wpengine seems good but only for Wordpress sites.
  6. I think the closest you can get into LMS with IPS is use clubs as Courses and share videos and files with only members, sell the course access in the commerce and when they pay the will get instant access to the course. There won't be a progress view and some other LMS's specific features but I think it will be more than enough, I think.
  7. Hi @Steph40, is he creating a LMS plugin?
  8. Hello, Can IPB work as a Learn Management System? I saw a plugin that does that but it hasn't been updates since 2018. Thank you
  9. It is possible to embed video or audio using these script?
  10. How to do set up the additional database or where to find it? Thank you
  11. Hello, how to achieve what i circle it in the attachment? Thank you
  12. Thank you. It would be nice to be able to disable expiration dates instead of the 99999999 days, maybe in future version. Once again, thank you for your reply
  13. Hello, Im interested in this pluging but so far i have these questions: 1- it is possible to sell vehicles. I can see there is a "Condition" category, it is possible to also add instead of "Condition" "Extra Accesories" ? 2- It is possible to add to the price an option that says: Price Negotiable ? 3- It is possible to disable expiration time? Thank you
  14. Can it be use it for other sports event? like soccer, baseball, etc... or maybe instead of clan a peson1 vs person2?
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