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  1. Hey @ehren. , I just wanted to check if you have any sort of ETA for the 4.3 updates and if you're already working on them. I know 4.3 is still in beta, but I'd love to be able to upgrade ASAP but that won't be possible as the search functionality is broken on the theme. Thank you for any updates. Love your work!
  2. Never mind this was completely user error, as usual. I accidentally got my Bot Token and Client Secret backwards.... twice. I guess I'm losing my mind after all.
  3. Hey @Ahmad E., hope you're doing well. I've got a quick question for you with a new error I just started getting out of no where. Uncaught Exception: IPS\discord\Api\Exception\UnauthorizedException: (0) discord_exception: array ( 'code' => 0, 'message' => '401: Unauthorized', ) Any idea what could be causing this? I tried just about everything including reinstalling the app and setting the bots back up with no luck. Just constant UnauthorizedException (401). I don't want to be that prick, but this is definitely kind of an emergency as such a large portion of my community relies on this sign-in method and can't access the website without it. Thank you!
  4. Hey there Ahmad, glad to hear you're still working hard on the rebuild. I have been having the same issues with the Forbidden Exception on certain users. This won't allow their group to be synced with the server and also won't allow the task to run. Since you have a few people sending you credentials I'll hold off on that. Let me know if progress is made resolving this Exception as I'd love to get our syncing back ASAP. Thank you!
  5. Good evening, @Ahmad E. I just got around to looking into my cron logs and I noticed that ProfileSync was failing over and over again. Here is the output of the errors. Error: Call to undefined method IPS\core\ProfileSync\Discord::cover() (0) #0 /***/applications/core/tasks/profilesync.php(46): IPS\core\ProfileSync\_ProfileSyncAbstract->sync() #1 /***/system/Task/Task.php(249): IPS\core\tasks\_profilesync->execute() #2 /***/system/Task/Task.php(218): IPS\_Task->run() #3 /***/applications/core/interface/task/task.php(61): IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #4 {main} I have a feeling I could just add the cover() method and have it return NULL to get rid of the error, but of course I would prefer your input and see your fix. I wouldn't want to mess with anyone's source for future updates. I can only imagine others are having this too just haven't seen it in their logs. Or maybe it's just me? Thank you!
  6. This should be a standard feature, but I see it's not. Applications can add there own, but there is no way of editing, adding, or removing any of them? Why has this not been added in before? Seem's rather simple to me. Please add for IPB 3.0.4! Especially since CCS allows you to have custom pages, just no way of getting to them, nice. ;)
  7. HUGE dissapointment, this is not a content management system, this is just for creating single pages that you can have a board wrapper around.. People are better off using Topics to make pages..
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