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    Marius reacted to Rikki in Just tried the mobile app... Yikes.   
    Thanks for the feedback - it's definitely early stages. We'll be looking to improve performance as time goes on, as well as add functionality. There's only one codebase for both iOS/Android, but that is indeed (currently) separate from the main product. It's very much 'work in progress' right now 🙂 
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    Marius reacted to breatheheavy in Just tried the mobile app... Yikes.   
    My initial thoughts are that if you build a great product, it will become profitable. 
    If your site includes content outside of IPB, like Wordpress, then yes that will be an issue. I used to use Wordpress and IPB and made the decision in February to be fully IPB and it was the best decision I've made for my site (maybe ever). Simplifying is important.
    Custom features and skins... I love my theme, but I also love the simplicity of an app. If there were a few color schemes for sites to choose from that could suffice in the beginning.
    Additional costs to maintain an app... if it's packaged in with IPB then I imagine it wouldn't be too costly as it would be the service they are providing a for an annual fee (perhaps).
    Decreased monetization... apps can implement advertising. I was thinking of giving my paying subscribers access to the app, so it would be monetized that way for me.
    SEO... yea, that's a good point. However, the app would be in addition to your live site just like how this community currently is. 🙂
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    Marius reacted to breatheheavy in Just tried the mobile app... Yikes.   
    Nailed it! It's got to have some starting point. 
    I think the notion that if it doesn't work for everyone right off the bat, it's not worth developing. Couldn't disagree more 🙏 
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    Marius reacted to opentype in Just tried the mobile app... Yikes.   
    It sound like the criticism is “if it’s not perfect and complete at the start, it’s pointless in general”.  They are just starting out with it!
    Monetization, messages, more native app views and so on. I am sure it’s on the road map or will be put there if we need it. 
    By the way: you can already add more than just forums. I just added a Pages article section and it works just fine. 
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    Marius reacted to opentype in Feature Request: Hide post from anyone but the author   
    Hiding/deleting posts is always a tricky issue. It's necessary, but it can create new discussions, because the users who's posts got hidden can get pretty mad.

    On Facebook Pages this is solved quite nicely. If you hide a post, no one will see it anymore BUT the author. So provoking posts will not cause any trouble, but the author won't get mad, because he/she will still see the post.

    This might be a nice option to have on IP.Board as well.
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    Marius reacted to asigno in Sign in with Apple   
    Another reason for an IPB app 😎
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    Marius reacted to Silnei L Andrade in Mobile App, Progressive Web App (PWA) For IPB   
    Yes, that's the way. Best alternative!  Anyone who has questions watch this video:
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    Marius reacted to Mr 13 in "Quote selection" was better in 4.2.*   
    In 4.3 button "Quote selection" always appears in the beginning of selected text, so we forced to make extra mouse move. It's very inconvenient. In previous versions it appeared near the cursor.
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    Marius got a reaction from Nebthtet in Reactions +2 reputation?   
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    Marius got a reaction from citrixws in Reactions +2 reputation?   
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    Marius reacted to Adriano Faria in Who Was Online   
    @Pete T, please, change this when you update it:
    <div class='ipsWidget_inner {{if $orientation == 'vertical'}}ipsPad{{endif}}'> to:
    <div class='ipsWidget_inner ipsPad'> Before and after:

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    Marius got a reaction from SJ77 in status should allow reactions right out of the box   
    @superj707 and @Daniel F
    After you react to a status post, you will have an error. I was forced to disable the entire status system due to this error.
    I opened a support ticket (#986291) and got the following answer:
    I hope they will solve this problem until the next release.
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    Marius got a reaction from ABGenc in Who Was Online   
    @ABGenc thank you for sharing. 
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    Marius reacted to ABGenc in Who Was Online   
    I have added the following line to custom.css and it helped. Thanks to @ehren. for the info
    .ipsWidget[data-blockid*="whowasonline"] .ipsWidget_inner{ padding: 10px; }  
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    Marius reacted to Pete T in Who Was Online   
    all this is on it way once get my dev site fixed but i can provide simple fixes for and it still works for 4.2.x 
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    Marius reacted to Noni in Clubs - move content, follow by default, add members   
    I really like the Clubs feature. I think that this will become more interesting over forums because it's a more personal approach.
    I do have some questions and suggestions:
    1. Moving / or making available content from forums, gallery, files
    As i already have a type of sorting among the forums based on niche interests / and clubs, this existing content could easily be moved (or made available) to the clubs section. Same applies to members photo galleries or files. This is not yet possible, or i do not see any way to do it. If this can't be done, trying to transition all niche members to a new empty section will be pretty hard, if not impossible
    2. Allow only albums in gallery section of Clubs
    It can become a mess  to allow members to add photos and albums together. I don't see an option to allow only albums in this gallery section from Clubs.
    3. Adding members should be a default option (not only inviting)
    Some clubs are established already, they do not need to ask permission, grant permission, etc.. Go straight for the subject
    4. Follow content by default
    Once joining a club, i would expect to follow by default all new content not to find all sections (forums, gallery, files etc) and click the follow button. So please, allow us to force all members that join a club to follow by default all content and receive email notifications if so is set up.
    5. Import forum topics, images, calendars from rss feeds
    This is also a MUST. There are already clubs publishing content on their sites along with events in Ical feeds.
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    Marius reacted to Vikestart in Reactions +2 reputation?   
    It'd be nice if we could input our own value as for how we'd like a reaction to affect reputation, instead of being restricted to -1, 0 and +1.
    I'd like "Thanks" to give +2 reputation.
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    Marius got a reaction from QD.C in Reactions +2 reputation?   
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    Marius reacted to day_ in Remove anonymous online count   
    If you have anonymous logins turned off, any chance of removing the anonymous count from the who's online block? Just seems kinda pointless. Even if you did use anonymous logins isn't the point to stay anonymous, not sure why you would want to count them 
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    Marius reacted to Mark in Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"   
    We did think about having a dedicated setting, but as Meddysong says, while in English you can just add or remove a trailing "s" to make it plural or not (usually... that wouldn't work for some words) and change uppercase to lowercase depending on the context - that doesn't work for many other languages.
    Fortunately though, as others have pointed out, changing any phrasing that is used is really easy:
    Go to AdminCP > Customization > Languages Click the "Translate" button Type the word "club" into the search box Everything club related will come up (perhaps you want to change "Club Moderator" to something like "Guild Master" for example - all those phrases will be included too) - for any you want to change, just type your new version in the box - you don't need to click "Save", it will save as you go. If you prefer to edit in context, click the "Translation Tools" button on the Languages page and you can enable Quick Translating which allows you to click and hold on any phrase as it appears on the front-end to change it.
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    Marius reacted to opentype in Letters avatars for members without profile photo   
    I quickly hacked it as JavaScript version into two of my sites. Here’s one. Just positive comments so far. Now all the users without an uploaded picture have a “face” and are easy to distinguish. And the new, more colorful appearance of the site is a nice addition. ;-) 
    Would be nice to see a robust, built-in version in the future. 
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    Marius reacted to Charles in Display Name in history in default IPB package   
    This will be available in 4.1.17.
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    Marius reacted to Charles in Option to hide post under moderation   
    There will be a hide option for unapproved content in 4.1.17.
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    Marius got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Login on desktop and phone several times during the day   
    I have the same problem here on Invision forum, and on all the forums I manage.
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    Marius reacted to opentype in Customizing (Pages) title tag   
    In 3.4 we could customize the title tag for various views like so:
    define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_RECORD', '{record_name} | {database_name} | {board_name}' ); Can be pleeeeeaaaase return? It was one of the most effective SEO measures I used, but on 4.x I can’t control that anymore. 
    Or is there already a way? I know how to set/override meta tags from within the templates, but I don’t know if the title tag is accessible in a similar way. 
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