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Groups Promotion Rules depending on the last post

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I would like to implement group promotion rules based on the frequency of the member's last post.

Specifically, I want a member from a certain group A to be moved to a group B if he added a post in the last 7 days (last week).
If the member in group B does not post for 7 days, I would like him to be moved back to group A. Is this possible?
What settings should be made for this scenario?
How many promotion rules must be created?

Thanks for any guidance!

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  • Solution

You would need 2 promotion rules. 

  • Rule 1 - Set only to run for group A, and set where last post is less than 8 days ago
  • Rule 2 - Set to run only for group B, and set to run only if last post was greater than 7 days ago

Please see the following guide on how to use group promotions


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