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Send automatic PMs upon moderation actions

Gabriel Torres

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Is there a way to send automated PMs upon moderation actions (e.g., when a topic or post is hidden, deleted, moved etc)?

I used to acomplish that with the Automation Rules plugins, but it is no longer supported, so I had to uninstall it.

The current IPS version has the alert feature. However, our moderators need to manually fill out the required fields every time, which is time-consuming and really annoying.

If there is no solution for that, could a member of the staff move this topic to the Feedback forum? Thanks.


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5 minutes ago, Ryan Ashbrook said:

With the exception of deleting - you can optionally send an Alert to the member when hiding or moving their content. When sending the alert, you can also optionally allow or force them to reply, which will prompt them to start a PM conversation with you.

Alerts will work for the content item (topic) only, not for posts… unless I’m mistaken.

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