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Submit Your Questions for Our Exclusive Interview with CharlesW from Invision Community!

Cedric V

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Greeting everyone,

I'm thrilled to announce that I have secured an opportunity to interview none other than Charles from Invision Community. This is a rare and exciting occasion, and I believe that involving you as our community members can make this experience even more enriching! In recent happenings, I can imagine some of you might have some questions you'd like to see included in this interview.

As I always say, a community is the backbone of any platform. So, I thought: Why not let YOU have a say in the interview? I'm offering all of you a chance to send in your questions, and I'll do our best to include as many as I can in our conversation with Charles.


How to Submit Your Questions:

  • Reply to this topic with your question for Charles.
  • You may PM me your question if you wish to send it anonymously. 
  • Please keep your questions respectful, relevant, and constructive.
  • If you see a question from another member that resonates with you, give it a "like". This will help us gauge the most popular and sought-after questions.
  • You can submit multiple questions, but please post each question separately to make it easier to tally and sort.

The last date for submitting your questions is September 1st. I'll compile them shortly afterward and then proceed with our interview.

A Few Guidelines:

  • Avoid asking questions that have been answered multiple times in previous communications or on the official FAQ.
  • While I appreciate all the input, I may not be able to include every question in the interview due to time constraints.
  • This is a golden chance to get insights, clarifications, or just to know more about the visions and aspirations of Invision Community from one of its key figures. So, let your curiosity run wild and be a part of this unique opportunity!

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. 😄 I'm very grateful for this opportunity and hope to receive many questions and interest for this interview.

Best regards,

Cedric (Admin Junkies)

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My question is "Why did you remove the Marketplace" 😄 (joke)

Sorry if the joke sounded lame, but I couldn't resist it. 

My questions are as follow:

What does a typical work day looks like for Charles and what do you do for fun/relaxation when you are outside the office? What do you find most challenging about your position/role?

I am looking forward to the interview. I am sure it will make for an interesting reading. 


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In my opinion it's a big mistake that a native application is not made, as there is, for example, Reddit.
PWA is a mess, it doesn't even have all the functionality of the browser. PWA functionality is not at all the same as a native application. We should not lie to ourselves.
In the future, web sites without an native application are doomed to disappear, since all traffic has moved to mobile.

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