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The ability to @tag groups


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Imo it would depend greatly on the type of forum.  A site where people attempt to network with other people of various skill sets would benefit greatly from the ability to group people by skills and allow them to tag by group.  The idea of people just spamming group tags could easily be dealt with via proper permissions settings and notification settings.  It's easy to see how it could look like a recipe for annoyance at first glance, but that's really only a first impression the fades pretty quickly the more you think about it when set up properly.  And as a setting that could be disabled in the admin cp, it would offer zero harm and actual potential benefit.  That's just my thinking on it tho.

e.g. do you think Discord suffers from making this option available?

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I know this topic is a few months old, but I think with appropriate permissions that this would be fine.  Yes, it can definitely be abused but this is something we are looking for as well.  Makes it easy to tag leadership groups without having to have numerous mentions in a topic. 


+1 for it to be implemented :)

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