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  1. I sort of got around the status updates idea though by adding a forum called "What did you do today to make you feel good?" This gives everyone on the community a chance to add a quick update so others can then chip in and comment adding more content all the time too.
  2. its an interesting idea I even thought about it myself a while ago... but then I thought it would be too much of a temptation for members to just keep adding external links to things they are doing elsewhere rather than interacting in the community. Might be wrong but that's my general thoughts on it
  3. New: Two Factor Authentication

    If we need help from IPS who might need to log into our admin accounts will the two factor affect this?
  4. IPS Community Suite 4.1.18 Available

    @Joey_M does this also apply to the latest update ?
  5. Oh what is this? I can see an image of the site header and my member name is on it too?????? Is this a spam thing?
  6. New: Leaderboard

    Well i think its quite nice but its not for me because i think it promotes quantity over quality really... ( party pooper me sorry) I think its because we cannot exclude certain groups ie management which gives it a bit of an unfair edge maybe... . iits a good start and maybe it can be adapted in some other way???
  7. thats great but here Im talking about the memebr having a SUPER DUPER profile page as opposed to a directory listing... I might have several fields for example.. MY BUCKET LIST., the fields are different for different member groups but right now the ABOUT me section is dull and needs to show more fields for a SUPERB about me page
  8. No it will start looking very awful and very long if a biz member ( for example) does a rather large write up about his company
  9. Hi Ive got a great plugin that allows custom fields per user group ( great for me as I will have business and non business members, only the former allowed a website URL for exmple) but in the About Me page on the board the only filed that shows up is about me. its seems to me that this is a waste of quality space that could look fabulous especially for a business. So is it possible that all the other allowed fields can be added into this ABOUT ME page please? this is the plugin btw its GR8 by @Adriano Faria
  10. Profile Field Per User Group

    Ill ask them in the suggestions area ... seems its a nice spce that could be better utilized to look great
  11. Profile Field Per User Group

    Its all up and running now thats GR8 but is it possible to have the fileds show on the main "about me" page on the board please? The fields show in the sidebar but it would be lovely if that about me page had shall we say a bit more obvious content ... OR is there another way this about me page can have more content and be rather less DULL....
  12. Profile Field Per User Group

    Yeahhh Ive tested with one account just now and it's worked. I'm so made up cos this plugin makes a huge difference I love it.
  13. Profile Field Per User Group

    I disabled it for now. And members can edit profiles again...except now they have lots of fields both personal accounts and business accounts so Ill probs have to delete them too Yes I deleted all the different fields and alls well now back to normal
  14. Profile Field Per User Group

    things is it worked for you as we saw on your video ... its my site that might the problem somewhere hmmmm
  15. Profile Field Per User Group

    I have double checked again. System-profiles-enabled Members-Profiles-Check allow profile question per group - check allow all to see Login as member. -edit profile - birthday only Did it work ok for you @Simon Woods Im just wondering what Ive done wrong maybe somewhere in the settings perhaps