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  1. Instead of fixed price allow buy now for downloads to be buyers choice as it can be make a donation choose amount you want to donate. ie choose amount willing to pay (because its for a good cause) There would need to be a minimum of say £1 to make it feasible more than likely.
  2. no amazing looking marketplaces then?
  3. has everybody died in here?
  4. Just a question about the downloads app. Instead of a fixed price is it possible to leave it open as donation type price? ie choose amount willing to pay (because its for a good cause) There would need to be a minimum of say £1 to make it feasible more than likely.
  5. I find the layout of the marketplace really uninspiring and if I'm to add downloads to my site to sell music files ( amongst other things) I'd love it to be....well you know.... GREAT! Has any of you got a fab looking marketplace for downloads?
  6. Oh gawd its all so so confusing isn't it? GDPR... don't collect data unless they opt in and make it so they can then ask you to delete all trace of them... and EU Vat law on sales says collect at least two pieces of information that says who they are and keep the records for 10 years.
  7. Musicbox (Support)

    IF we are fortunate enough to have lots of Artist wanting to upload their music files I assume this would take up lots of server space hence slow site down? I guess would need a bigger server costs which might be covered by sales though... BUT if no sales then woops
  8. Musicbox (Support)

    oooohhhhh looks like we can allow people to sell and demo tracks at same time after all... wish I could see one in action ...
  9. Musicbox (Support)

    Hi Ive been recommended to your Musicbox which I've seen demo on your site and it looks great. :-) So you say it supports commerce? I am wanting people to be able to upload their mp3 music file into iPB downloads to sell and also have the preview of the song in the description. Does this integrate and also can we prevent people from downloading for free? Or is there some solution can anyone can think of thanks
  10. Inconsistent theme HTML

    oooooohh sorry. I was in another post that I started about what we thought was something similar
  11. Inconsistent theme HTML

    I think we have to do all of this to get some stuff back how it was. Cant be right having us do all this. Its not easy when you're not quite so savvy. Better learn fast then hadn't I?
  12. good to be back... need to get serious now :thumbsup:

  13. Cool. As long as it picks it all up alls well THANKS
  14. Header / Footer invoice text

    it gets more complicated by the day. DUH :-)