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  1. oh its ok im following this thread now seems we wait a little bit longer thats ok
  2. My latest update was to 4.29 but i don''t yet have a notice in ACP about the 4.3. Should we download and add it manually via FTP or something like that?
  3. It would be better if the little icons to share and report post (that pops up on hover) were further apart or in a separate location perhaps Is this possible to do? You have to literally put mouse onto the share icon to know what it is and its easy missed.
  4. I was also trying to do this by creating the ad and using custom location, creating the "key" then adding the {advertisement="key"} shortcode into a block above one particular forum category only. Just like it describes here but the only thing that shows up is the shortcode
  5. kar3n2

    4.3: Videos

    With respects to video uploads do we have to be aware of the format? In my wordpress ( divi theme) I have to upload a video both in Mp4 and Webm so its compatible with all browsers. All a bit strange but surely not?
  6. gr8. THANKS I haven't got the downloads yet and my asking was just before setting it up whether I could have only certain groups access the purchases of a downloads. So at least now I know its possible. It's a bit of a shame really ( not IPS fault by any means) all this EU vat thing as I will need to restrict any digital sales to my UK members only. ( we are a UK initiative btw, but there might be a few members from overseas which I cannot block by law)
  7. Hi I know there is permissions for certain member groups to be able to upload files into downloads but is there a setting to allow or prevent certain member groups from actually viewing the downloads? ie prevent access to them entirely Thanks if you can help
  8. One of the challenges for me is the inability to SPLIT the sales process. For example... paid memberships is ONLY available for UK businesses and UK friends which means I at least have to reach the VAT threshold in UK before even charging VAT whether they are a business or not. At least that's how i think it works. However because its a digital service I may have to register for VAT straight away even though its only to UK.. UPDATE I rang them and as log as i don't sell cross border memberships then I don't register for VAT until at UK threshold. HOWEVER downloads can be purchased by anyone globally hence they need to have all the EU countries Vat rates in them. I could close the downloads and make them only available to UK members which rather limits the market and they would need to be logged into their UK member accounts to make a purchase. I think my best bet is to limit the downloads to my UK members only which doesn't make it much of a good proposition for small indie musicians selling mp3 files.
  9. kar3n2

    4.3: Videos

    Yes I can imagine they can do that but end of day i would think its best to at least make it no quite so obvious for people to download it... as you say hide the button perhaps
  10. kar3n2

    4.3: Videos

    Will we be able to prevent downloads of the videos? Hopefully this can be switched off as it doesn't make sense to me that viewers can download someone else video clips with potential to use them for themselves.
  11. It was an uploaded image. Member was in two groups. Here's what happened though Group1 was set to have 0 images hence I never set the size Group 2 was set to have 1 image max size 300 x 100px So what happened is it mixed those two group settings up and allowed him 1 image with no size set! I have since added max size into Group 1 although that doesn't make sense because I set 0 images. hmmmmm I'll just have to remain aware of such things happening.
  12. cant be done then can it? just have to ask members to play nice and not add a video link in sigs
  13. Hi In member group I set limitation in signature for use of one image 300px by 100px maximum size. However the member is still able to upload a very large image as if its ignoring the size restriction settings. On the plus side it does only allow ONE image as per settings Any ideas how to fix this please? Thanks if you can help.
  14. I have tested on mobile and sigs are responsive but just as on the laptop they have to be restricted in image sizes else they will just be too much for people to bear seeing large images throughout the conversations. So yeah they work on mobiles nicely too that's what I needed to see.
  15. Do you think perhaps that is if the images are too big that we might allow?
  16. Thanks I want them to show on mobile too so I shall do this THANKS it worked brilliantly..
  17. thats a good link to see ALL someones files and all those other things at the left sidebar side of his files PHEW....
  18. Here's the thing... its something to do with MARKETING yourself. Let me explain although i probs don't need to Some people are exceptionally helpful ( considering all the stuff I ask for help on) and they tend to stick in your mind. And then you check profile and might want to support them with some file that looks quite good. Cant bloody find it can we? Cant find them. So you have another glass of wine and give up.......
  19. yeah and earn money whilst you sleep . except you cant earn money cos nobody can find your files
  20. @Adriano Fariafor example has 222 files in the marketplace. Pity I cant go see any of them unless you make me go do some searching and hoping I find them...
  21. I have a plugin called profile fields. Do you mean ask them to add their own link into one of the fields? The link to their market place files if they have any I mean? Yes thats what Im saying.... CRAZY that doesnt work isnt it?
  22. just testing things  BLIMEY you can put a lot into status updates can't you? ... anyway don't you think this version of Sound of Silence by Disturbed is brilliant?  (originally Simon and Garfunkle)


    1. kar3n2


      been checking my own site out... not sure what to think about these status updates.  Could they be an invitation for spam? hmmmm

    2. TheWorldNewsMedia.org


      I would like to see the ability to upload a file included in a status update.

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