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  1. 1. When you search multiple tags there is no way to do an exact search like with the words setting. If I search the tags: BBQ, Chicken, Recipe I get results with 1 of those tags, 2, or 3. Can we please get a setting to do an exact search of tags, for sites that used closed tags this is really important, as members can really pinpoint what they are looking for when you have a lot of tags dealing with the subjects of your site. Important for open tags as well. Perhaps this setting can also work for tags and you can include it in the wording. Would probably need to be a separate setting though since you may add words to your search but want exact tags and not exact words or vice versa. In that example I get results with the tags: pages suite pages, suite And I want: pages, suite 2. Also, when you search on mobile tags are not shown in search results like on full. This is another issue because users may want to click tags from results. This becomes more of an issue when searching multiple tags, as you can't see which is tagged which. If I search 5 tags I want to see what is tagged with each, or if I go a word seach I want to see the tags and be able to click, like on full. Maybe for actual tag search code it so they show only if more than one tag is searched. It can be redundant in a single tag search. That could be cleaner looking and function better for both full and mobile. I realize tags are shown in non-tag searches so maybe that does not need to be different, but showing is important, so simple suggestion is, please show on mobile. 3. Last one and related, if using closed tags, can the tag search field either work as selecting tags, or maybe the tag does not turn blue if it does not exist? This would prevent erroneous searches at least, but selecting would show them the tags your site uses, like when composting a post. Maybe even an auto-complete for closed tags. Would that work? Thanks
  2. When invision will accept this image extension? https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/
  3. Hello, I would suggest integration in trade with the Brazilian service of online payments PagSeguro. The service is one of the most popular of Brazil and quiet customers enough time to buy online. Unfortunately I do not know anything about programming in php, but I believe it should not be so complicated. The current payment system of the IPS community is great, but all options available recebmentos only PayPal is available in Brazil. PayPal is my favorite, but it would be great to have a second option to accept national credit card (Brazil). If someone wanted to help, the PagSeguro offers all the necessary integration tools. https://pagseguro.uol.com.br/v2/guia-de-integracao/index.html#rmcl Thank you.
  4. Vkontakte (or VK.com) social network is like Russian Facebook. It is number one social network in all Russian speaking countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, e.t.c.). It's ranked 21 in Alexa global top and has over 300 million users. Its active users database is bigger then Instagram or LinkedIn. Almost everybody in Russia has VK account (and doesn't have Facebook account). @Charles, @Lindy, @Matt, please, consider the possibility to add VK integration into the future IPS releases as one of the default login methods along with Facebook, Twitter and Google. It would be the best Christmas gift for all Russian speaking community. VK supports oAuth 2.0 authentication and has wonderful documentation: https://vk.com/dev/authentication Thank you in advance!
  5. The ability to use the @ tag for groups, such as @administrator etc.
  6. Like almost all admins here, I'm concerned with floods of bots, spiders, etc. visiting my site. In addition, I am on IPS Hosting, which charges according to user load measured over a 48-hour period. I have had my monthly hosting charges kicked into a higher (very expensive) bracket because of a single huge spike due to bots, spiders, etc. I have been directed by IPS Support to monitor IPB's Users Online list for suspicious activity. This is made particularly difficult because the Users Online list cannot be sorted by IP address. (Duplicates and clusters of IP addresses are highly suspicious.) IPB's Users Online list can be sorted by Member Name (exclusive of IP) and Last Click -- parameters I've never found useful -- but not by IP address, although IP address is displayed to admins. I strongly suggest the ability to sort IPB's Users Online list BY IP ADDRESS be included in the tool to enhance its usefulness. (The parens around the displayed IP addresses are unnecessary visual clutter and could be eliminated.) Given that so many admins have problems with bots, spiders, etc. and for years have been directed to IPB's Users Online list, I wonder why this hasn't been done sooner!
  7. I'd like to see better logging in 4.2. Right now, logs are maintained in multiple tables in the database and only really viewable by the admin in the ACP. I suggest you incorporate a logging framework like Monolog which would be used to send a log message each time IPS4 updates a log table in the database. I'm running my website in Docker and send my logs (for nginx and other services) over the network to a logging server where they can be monitored. IPS4 logging hasn't really fit into this deployment really well because it doesn't support syslog or other methods for capturing admin logs for monitoring/alerting purposes and you have to "poll" the database for updates which isn't a very good solution. Monolog seems to be very flexible and you can configure the ACP to support several standard logging methods right out of the box (like sending to syslog or sending to a file or sending over a network connection).
  8. I know that there are plans to remove Linear + and Outline (Threaded) mode in IPB 3.2. I can understand this because I don't think anyone uses Linear +, and Outline mode only really works if people hit the "Reply" button next to a post and not the "Add Reply" button. With the use of the "Add Reply" button it defeats the purpose of a Threaded mode because every post ends up under the main one. While I understand this and do think it's warranted, I think there is a lot of value in a Threaded style board. This would be an efficient way to accomplish threading (each topic has it's own tree). You could have the main posts table keep the parent_id relationship it has, but have a second table with left and right values for each topic. I'm not really suggesting having a switchable mode per user, but rather a global board setting for those that prefer a threaded style board. I know that some people may not like or appreciate the threaded style, but having first used a threaded style board it can be quite efficient. How so? With a threaded topic people typically put what they want to say in the title. If it's more than a short sentence they put text in the body. If all they want to say is in the title they put "-nt-" (that's how we did it in the old days). You can read an entire conversation that way on a single screen. With a linear board you have to read page after page... (If you do consider this, "Threaded mode" would hide the "Multi-Quote" and "Add Reply" button. The purpose of a "threaded board" is to converse in short sentences... Kind of like a tweet!)
  9. Hi Ive got a great plugin that allows custom fields per user group ( great for me as I will have business and non business members, only the former allowed a website URL for exmple) but in the About Me page on the board the only filed that shows up is about me. its seems to me that this is a waste of quality space that could look fabulous especially for a business. So is it possible that all the other allowed fields can be added into this ABOUT ME page please? this is the plugin btw its GR8 by @Adriano Faria
  10. Hi, I would like to put forward the suggestion of being able to restrict the groups an admin account is able to set on other members? For example hierarchy of Member > Mod > Admin > Leader > Director > Founder. The Leader should not be able to add anyone to Director but should be able to add people to Member, Mod and Admin. Thanks
  11. After end read a topic, almost I have to take back, start the page from header, and scroll down to search some topic what I want to read....I think that can improve....
  12. now the user can just hold down f5 to get more views, it doesnt check for uniqueness or anything.. would be nice with unique profile views, so you can only count 1 profile view every 30-60 min?
  13. Hi I would love it if streams could be made private for all users, I really dont like users simply guessing urls by changing the variable at the end and discovering what streams people have setup. It would also be nice if you could set your own end url instead of the number such as discover/certainsectionsfeed/ which also could be private so you wouldnt need to worry about duplication between users unless a public stream with the same end url exists. It would make it easier for end users to type the stream in and it would be useful for admins making more friendly urls for people to remember. One case of the privacy option being essential is if a moderator is monitoring a specific user who has been troublesome and they wouldnt really want said user discovering they have set up a feed with only their posts in it. Cheers
  14. Please add an option to let users see that a post in a topic has been warning. I know that it may seem like an unnecessary feature because it's indeed not needed on small forums, but it's extremely important for us. Every day we have to give out tens of warnings for people who break the forum rules without realizing it. For example, we don't allow posting in all capital letters, and when someone does it, we issue a warning. However, since there's no way for other users to see that the post had been warned, they think it's ok to do it, and then we have to warn ten more posts in the same topic. It's just one example, but there's much more. If there was a small label that said "This post has been warned", it would not only save our mods a lot of work, but would also noticeably increase the quality of posts. This is already a feature in VBulletin and has been for like 10 years. PLEASE consider adding it to IPS4. Thanks.
  15. I'd love to see the ability to create multiple rooms within the chat, and have a room listing. Of course continue to have a global limit including all rooms up to the max online users for the package that was purchased. The reason I want this, is because on my pro photography forum we have 3 major user groups... PrePro, Pro, and Pro-FA. Each with their own category of forums as well. It'd be great if we could create a separate chat room for each, that included a password or included the ability to set per-room group permissions. Thanks!
  16. What is the best feature to bring back users to our community? Notifications. If i receive a notification that someone quoted me, i will probably return to the site to see what they answer me. Since version 42(its now on 44), Google Chrome supports Push Notification. For example, someone quotes me or likes one of my posts, Chrome would give me a notification on Android or Desktop, even if Chrome is not open. Just like a normal App. Im asking here for Invision to add support for that incredible feature.
  17. It would be really helpful to be able to send bulk mail to members in validation. Not everyone automatically approves membership. It would be nice if there was a way to send a messages to those members before you approved or deleted registration request.
  18. It's really frustrating that there isn't a way to prevent certain groups (i.e. guests) from seeing images that have been uploaded as attachments and then inserted into posts. Every forum software that I have ever used has this ability. Just blocking non-paid groups from being able to upload isn't enough. This feature is very important for those of us who run forums that require membership fees. If I can't prevent guests and non-paid members from seeing content it basically defeats the purpose of having a fee based system. I don't understand why this feature is overlooked and brushed off by IPS staff I have brought it up on numerous occasions. You spend so much time trying to improve on the "Activity Stream" that most people never use or could do without, but don't put in the time to add basic features that are of critical importance to a lot of people. There is a third-party mod called Cloak that attempts to add these features, but it broke in some of the recent updates, and really we shouldn't have to rely on a third-party to add this critical feature. I would note that the cloak mod has 700 downloads, so it is certainly a feature that people are looking for. I apologize for the tone of this post, but this is really frustrating, and I likely wouldn't have switched over to this software had I known that this feature was missing.
  19. I've used IPB since 3.4.7 and one thing 3.x has that 4.x does not is replacing old statuses on the feed/block. If I post a status an hour ago then again, in the feed you can see my old status and my new one. I would like to see only the most recent status of that person on the side block.
  20. Hi, I would like the ability to let the profanity filter scrub HTML if a user can post it because their group has the permission. We could easily start banning things like meta redirects and other such to let more and more users use HTML and blacklist bad stuff.
  21. Offer - allow users collapse the right blocks. Through setting up of profile, or collapse icon.
  22. I think it would be nice to have an option to send each member a happy birthday greeting. In my experience this always results in positive feedback eventhough it's a machine generated message and also serves as a friendly reminder to the user to checkout the site again. IPS could go one step further and allow a unique Commerce coupon code to be created for this individual. This way a person would get a greeting and a coupon code as a birthday present for extra discount or something similar. What do you guys think?
  23. Nice to have the ability to add a poll to a calendar announcement. For example the member posting the event wants to poll attendees about the best start time or food choice for a proposed menu.
  24. It would be really useful if, in addition to the current paste options of "Keep formatting, but allow user to remove formatting" and "Remove formatting and do not allow user to restore", you added a third option: "Remove formatting, but allow user to restore". By default, their content would paste as plain text, but they would get the banner allowing them to add the formatting back if they want. Too many users ignore or don't notice the formatting banner, and that causes loads of issues with the night theme, where black text is unreadable.
  25. Is there any way to edit an Emoticon once it has been uploaded? If not, is there any chance the development team can add an edit button so we can edit them after they have been uploaded? Also, when creating an Emoticon, would it be possible to have 'Add to existing group' set as the default choice for 'Groups'. Admins will tend to upload to a group more than creating new groups for each Emoticon, this way just seems more logical and less repetitive.
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