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  1. Testing shows there are no existing compatibility issues with PHP 8.0, but there are a couple minor/non-breaking bugs that will be addressed for IPS 4.6 in the next release. This update has already been submitted to the marketplace, but at the moment updates are taking up to 1-3 weeks to be approved by IPS, so there may be a bit of a delay before the update is officially available.
  2. At the moment I haven't done any testing on PHP 8 yet. I'll get PHP 8 running on my development server and run some tests this week and make sure everything is functioning properly!
  3. Hey @breatheheavy! The 4.6 compatible version is currently just pending review/approval by IPS, it should be officially available sometime soon!
  4. Hi @DreamOn, This issue has been addressed in the updated release, but these are currently taking up to a few weeks to be approved at the moment.
  5. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Ah, you mean it modified the title of the webpage itself to include it? That's certainly a feature I can work on implementing! It should be simple enough that I could have it out within the next release.
  6. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Do you mean display tags in front of the topic title on the forum overview pages? There is indeed an option for that! It should be in the Settings page for the application. If you have trouble finding it let me know! You can absolutely do that with Topic Multimod actions. This adds the ability to set tags/prefixes to multiple topics via Multimod actions, just as AT&P used to.
  7. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    I've pushed an update to address this issue now and asked it to be approved as soon as possible, sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Tag filtering is something high on my to-do list for the project. Hopefully it should be ready by the applications next major release, though I don't have a specific ETA on when that will be at the moment.
  9. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Hey! Can you try running the Support tool in your ACP to clear your sites cache and see if that resolves the issue? If not, just send me a DM here and I'll figure out what's going on!
  10. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    If this is for a new community running a different license, you'll need to purchase the application again, as each purchase only encompasses one community license.
  11. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    This is definitely something I can look into! Are you being prompted to renew or is it requiring you re-buy the product completely?
  12. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    This is not actually a new version, only the file description was edited. I am still waiting for IPS to approve the new version uploaded. You can't edit the file description and upload a new version at the same time, but editing the description will still make it appear as if a new version has been posted when it hasn't.
  13. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    We can edit the description of files without needing them to be approved, but unfortunately any actual new version uploads need to be approved and we can't just change the supported version tags without also uploading a new version of the application. Some people are reporting they're having to wait up to a few weeks for files to be approved at the moment.
  14. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Unfortunately it still seems to be pending approval. If I had any way of speeding this up I would, but I sadly don't have any control over this. IPS has to review and approve updates before they can be used by anyone. I can't say why it's taking a bit longer then usual at this point.
  15. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Hey @ghinton! A 4.6 compatible release has been posted, it's just pending approval on IPS' side now. I imagine it should be available for installation within the next day or two!
  16. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    You can; the two actually aren't meant to be used with each other. It's recommended to uninstall Advanced Tags and Prefixes completely when using Radical Tags.
  17. Hey there, thank you for your purchase! I do plan on upgrading this application and many others with 4.6 compatibility by the end of this month!
  18. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    I'll be reviewing everything and ensuring the application is working properly on 4.6 soon. Once that's done I'll update the marketplace listing to show official support for 4.6 For those already using it on 4.6, let me know if you run into any issues and I'll get them resolved as soon as I can!
  19. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    You'll likely need to run the conversion script for Radical Tags on 4.4 (before upgrading) as I believe 4.5 introduces changes that break ATP completely If you can send me a PM, I can send you the latest 4.4 compatible release to use for this. Regarding the blank / empty tags, I can send you a query to fix this as soon as I'm at my desktop This has indeed been implemented! You should see options for managing tags and prefixes when creating a new saved multi-moderstion action in the ACP
  20. I do not believe they are, no. You can activate it on your account, but it won't apply to transactions unless they use the new Stripe checkout process. Someone from IPS would have to chime in here in regards to whether or not this is on the roadmap.
  21. My apartment recently suffered some flooding damage over the last week and I am just now able to start getting caught up on work that has been missed.

    Apologies ahead of time for any delayed responses recently.

  22. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Thanks for the report; I'll get this fixed in the next release!
  23. Hi @DreamOn, Can you send me a PM here and provide me with a temporary AdminCP account on your forum so that I may investigate the e-mailing issues?
  24. While I can't guarantee the mod will work on all third-party themes, it should work without issue on most themes that do not significantly modify the core layout of the forum index, and it is fully compatible with the latest IPS release. Any themes that drastically alter the way templates are structured risk breaking compatibility with not only my plugin but others as well. That's unfortunately not something I can control. Regarding support for newer versions of Font Awesome, the reason it only supports FA4 is because that is the version currently bundled with IPS. Generally, I'd prefer waiting for IPS to update this library themselves, but I can look into providing an option to replace FA4 with newer versions.
  25. Makoto

    Radical Tags

    Hello! I sent a reply to your personal message here asking for more information. Please respond there and I'll be happy to assist you. When using the basic editor, you should see an option to change the text color in the latest version. Just make sure you're using the latest release! If you don't see it, let me know and I'll be happy to help!
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