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  1. You should be presented with an option to migrate tags over once you install Radical Tags if it detects Advanced Tags and Prefixes is present. I'm happy to help you with the migration process if you need it, just send me a message here!
  2. Thank you very much for the kind words, I really appreciate it!
  3. Hey @livegames.co.il! You can, sure! You'll just need to use the advanced editor and add in some custom HTML code to embed the image yourself, but I do utilize image icons myself on one of my communities and can provide an example HTML snippet you can use for this if needed! You do not have to renew to continue using the application, only for updates and continued support. If you do not renew after 6 months, the current version you have will still continue to function as normal.
  4. Did you just recently migrate from ATP to Radical Tags? You may have some NULL / empty tag entries in your database if so. If you can send me a DM and set me up with ACP access I can take a look and get it resolved for you. You should also be able to click on prefixes to go to the tag search page without issue, if this is not working I'd try running the support tool first and see if this clears up any issues.
  5. WebP is amazing for lossless image compression (or rather, maybe you could say PNG is just really bad), but for lossy compression it's a bit iffy. It can sometimes beat out jpeg while preserving the same quality level but it's a hit or miss in my experience.
  6. Hey @ekforum! Support for group restricted tags will hopefully be coming in the next major release of the application.
  7. My stance is if you want WebP support, just use a good CDN service like CloudFlare. It's a much more sensible solution. CloudFlare converts images to WebP, optionally performing only lossless or lossy compression, ensures WebP images are only served to clients that support it, and requires absolutely no additional processing power or storage on your end. The same can be done with other reputable CDN services I believe. If you are bare metal and absolutely don't want to use Cloudflare or so on, there is also mod_pagespeed as mentioned above.
  8. Hey @SJ77, Sorry for the delay! I'll get this fixed in the next release.
  9. Did you recently upgrade / move from using Advanced Tags & Prefixes to Radical Tags? Can you send me a PM here and set me up with temporary AdminCP access? I can have this resolved for you in a few minutes.
  10. The first time I saw this it took me forever to get, because I kept reading it as "stay at home, wear a subnet"
  11. Currently it is a fixed position, but I will add more positions in the next release.
  12. That'd absolutely work for me! It's a niche requirement so simply adding in a way for us to hook a plugin in and add the flags we need would be a perfectly acceptable solution.
  13. This is not something that is going to be relevant to 98% of clients, but for certain enterprise configurations this can be helpful. On load balanced setups, the database server can saturate a 1Gbps connection line on larger more active communities far before it's actually CPU constrained. Though I'm currently looking at getting this client set up with an upgraded 10Gbps network cable to accommodate for this as our NIC supports it, simply enabling network compression for TCP based database connections can significantly reduce the bandwidth overhead as long as you can afford expending
  14. Due to a lack of proper communication from the IPS team on a change in standards, the most recent update including the above mentioned bug fix has been delayed and will probably not be live until at least the end of the week. I apologize for the delay and will work to ensure this does not happen again going forward.
  15. Ah, I see. Currently there's not a way to do that, you'd need either a plugin or to modify the template yourself to make that change.
  16. Can you elaborate on what you are after specifically? Are you trying to use prefixes, but keep them invisible (I'm not sure why you would want to do this, so please elaborate why if so!), or do you want the prefixes to be displayed somewhere else?
  17. Hey abobader! There are some minor non-breaking issues with the plugin at the moment, but it otherwise should be compatible and work with IPS 4.5 right now. The reputation overview is currently not displaying when you have expanded topic view toggled, but otherwise it should work and display as normal. Expanded topic view is the only thing I've seen that isn't functioning in 4.5, but please let me know if you're seeing other issues / errors! I am still working on implementing support for sorting by reputation as well, it's definitely high on my priority list and will try and get
  18. This should be fixed now and an update has been submitted to a marketplace. As soon as you see 1.5.3 live, this should include the fix you need for the above issue. Let me know if you run into any other problems in the meantime!
  19. Hey @breatheheavy! Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience! I'll look into this for you today and let you know as soon as I have more information. If I'm able to reproduce the bug I'll have a fix ready by the end of today, but it may take a few days for IPS to review and approve the marketplace update.
  20. It should work fine with IPS 4.5, you'll just need to download the 4.4 version and manually install it for now. I've updated the marketplace listing to display 4.5 support but it'll need to be reviewed and approved first.
  21. It's important to note that all these applications really do is customize the way prefixes display - if you uninstall AT&P, you won't actually lose any of your prefixes, just the custom formatting applied to them. You can then install Radical Tags and customize them back to just how they were before if you'd like. Prefixes are a core feature of IPS, so even without either of these applications enabled they will still be there, just in the default IPS format. Once you enable the application again, the customizations go right back. So if that's your only concern it's definitel
  22. I haven't attempted any migrations from AT&P on 4.5, but I'm happy to try if you'd like. The alternative is you can simply uninstall AT&P entirely, install Radical Tags and set up your tag customizations and such from scratch again. If you don't have a ton of tags to process, this might be easiest. Radical Tags has a very easy setup wizard for setting up basic color coded prefixes and tags, so you could get them configured again in no-time if this is all you need. But if you really need to migrate, I'll do my best to get that done for you.
  23. I'd recommend installing this on IPS 4.4 first, migrating from AT&P to Radical Tags, and then upgrading to IPS 4.5. I can help you do this for free as a one-time service if you'd like after purchase, just send me a PM here to set up a time for that!
  24. This application is no longer being maintained, but you're welcome to use Radical Tags which is compatible with IPS 4.5 and supports virtually all the same features as AT&P plus more.
  25. I believe they just updated the file description, the file upload itself is probably still pending approval. One of mine from before the Holidays is still on approval too.
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