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  1. Hey @SJ77! That is indeed a bug and I'll make sure it's fixed and an updated release is pushed to the marketplace soon!
  2. Hey Abobader, You may need to use the advanced tag editor to display your modified tags with an uppercase letter. Keep in mind this will only apply to your modified tags however. By default, the tags themselves are all lowercase for consistency.
  3. Hey Sascha! Sorry for the delay, I've made note of this and will see if I can reproduce it tonight. If I can I'll make sure it's fixed in the next release which should be coming within the next few days or week at the latest.
  4. It does not, but with IPS 4.5 you will finally be able to search for tags in a closed tag system, which should help significantly in regards to user friendliness of the closed tagging system. I can look into adding a way to force alphabetical sorting of tags in a closed tag system on-top of this though!
  5. Hey @abobader! Hmm, what browser are you using where this happens? And are you using a custom AdminCP theme by chance?
  6. Hey @abobader! If you still need help migrating over from ATP, just send me a PM and I'll be happy to get it taken care of for you! Otherwise let me know if you run into any other issues and I'll be here to help!
  7. Thank you all for your patience and sorry for the delays! The member filter bug should be resolved in the latest release. Please let me know if you continue experiencing issues.
  8. Hi @abobader, At the moment I can not provide any timeline on feature additions to this application. Currently I am focusing on ensuring applications are stable and ready for IPS 4.5. Once I have an estimated release date that includes the features you have requested I will be sure to post it here.
  9. Can you send me a PM and grant me temporary AdminCP access @Gabriel Torres? There's no reason this page should be missing unless there's a conflict with another app maybe, I'll be happy to look into it for you.
  10. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the detailed report. I'll get this fixed in the next release.
  11. 1. You can create aliases for tags, but this does not add localization to the tagging system. Tag aliases would just replace instances of one tag with another, so "生命" could be automatically replaced with "life", but you cannot currently make all three work as the same tag. Implementing localization like this would require fairly significant work and is something I'd only be able to look into if there is enough of a demand for it, and it'd be implemented in an IPS 4.5 release of the application at the latest. 2. As there is no official way of localizing tags, there'd be no way to det
  12. Hi @AA15! At the moment, you can create aliases for tags and customize the way they are displayed, but there's currently no way to change where tags link to. I can look into adding this as a feature to the advanced editor potentially but can't make any promises.
  13. Hey Abobader! It should be able to migrate all of your tags and prefixes over from Advanced Tags and Prefixes without issue in most situations, but there are a few quirks sometimes that can cause issues which I will add checks for to prevent in the next release. If you'd like, I can perform this upgrade process for you so you won't have to worry about anything. Just send me a private message when you're ready to upgrade and I'll get you taken care of.
  14. At this point if you're not here to get support, I'm going to have to ask that you leave this topic, as this thread is for clients of mine that need help and are actually willing to let me help them, not slander someone because they couldn't respond to your support request regarding a likely third-party plugin or server incompatibility issue (not an application stability issue) immediately due to serious real-life circumstances. You've gotten your word in. You think you've hurt me and probably take pride in that, but I think the responses your review received speaks volumes, I do my
  15. Yet you still felt the need to leave a 1-star review on the application over all of this. You're welcome to share your opinion naturally, but I did provide a response to that review for others to see.
  16. Glad it fixed itself, please let me know if you run into any other issues and I'll be here to help!
  17. Hey abo! This is still planned, I'll try and start working on this soon!
  18. I've literally replied to you within minutes asking you to provide me with login credentials so I can look into the issue and have it resolved for you and you refuse while simulataneously saying I'm offering you no support. I'm not sure how me asking you to just let me access your installation so I can fix the issue for you is too much effort, but if that's the way you feel I can't do anything about it. However, it does not mean I am not providing support. The only reason you're not getting support is because you're refusing to let me offer it. My offer still stands. If you want help
  19. As noted above @BankFodder I am happy to look into the issue you were experiencing and will have it resolved within 24-hours. However, at this time, you have refused to allow me the benefit of even attempting to work on the issue in question. Regarding the compatibility issue you were experiencing with Advanced Tags and Prefixes, I had that fixed for you within hours, as documented above, The only reason I was not able to respond to your second support query within 24-hours was, again, as I have tried to explain repeatedly to you both above and in private, was because my apar
  20. This application has 52 clients that are using the application without issue. I do extensive testing on every release and do everything in my power to ensure it is stable with each and every release. The issue you are experiencing is likely server specific or a conflict with another third-party application. The application is not buggy for most all clients, I am sorry you are personally experiencing issues. I offered to look into the issue for you and resolve whatever issues you were experiencing. I would have had this done for you the next day, but as my city was literally nearly bu
  21. Hi @BankFodder I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am currently in one of the cities across the U.S. that has seen increased levels of violence, rioting, and looting as of this weekend, so have been unable to do much work out of fear for my own safety. I am happy to look into the issues you were experiencing as mentioned above and will get them resolved for you, but I cannot provide a refund for the application.
  22. Sorry, I moved my IPS installation to a new domain. https://invision.taiga.sh/forum/4-delectus-et-qui-corrupti-maiores-hic-nulla-quia/
  23. I will look into this for you in a bit. Does the error go away when using the default IPS template? Regarding some posts missing prefixes, this would likely be an issue with Advanced Tags and Prefixes not storing the tags/prefixes correctly when you migrated, so they ended up being lost. I'm not sure what exactly is the cause of this, but as I mentioned previously, Advanced Tags and Prefixes seems to end up causing some entries in the core_tags table to be NULLed.
  24. Unfortunately there is not. As an alternative option you could move the user into a custom group that does not have permission to submit deletion requests after they've been warned, but there's no way to programmatically disable deletion requests if a user has warnings at the moment.
  25. Did you have Advanced Tags and Prefixes installed previously? Can you please send me a private message and set me up a temporary AdminCP account so I can review this? I should have it fixed for you within a few minutes.
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